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Sudden dizziness from sitting up? Find out the real reason..

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Sudden dizziness from sitting up? Find out the real reason

Many of us feel dizzy when we suddenly get up from sitting or lying down. Many of us suffer from such problems. This problem only lasts for a few seconds so we don't usually bother with it. But experts say it is not right to ignore the problem.

Because of this, great dangers may be waiting for the future.

Find out the real cause of this dizziness.

Let's find out the real reason-

* There is a nerve connection with this problem. Many people get dizzy when they wake up or sit up because of a neurological problem.

Many see darkness in the eyes for a few seconds. Experts say that it may be due to nerve problems. So it is better not to neglect it. Consult a doctor now if you have this problem. Because neglecting nerve problems can lead to greater dangers in the future.

* With many, this happens again due to blood pressure. If the blood pressure is low, the right amount of blood does not reach the head when you stand up suddenly. This can lead to dizziness for many people. So if you have this problem, check your blood pressure and then take appropriate measures to normalize the blood pressure as advised by the doctor.

* Even if you have vertigo, if you stand up suddenly, you may feel dizzy. In many cases the height is vertigo. Many people have this problem when they go to the mountains. Many people have this problem even if they move to a higher house. Many are in the elevator. This is also a kind of nerve problem. In this case also it is important to consult a doctor.

* If a person is unconscious for a long time as a result of an accident, then permanent problems may arise in the nervous system of the head for that time. That problem can also cause this disease.

* Dizziness is considered as a danger signal to the brain, which manifests in different parts of the body. Some people have high heart rate, high blood pressure, and others may have eye problems, such as blurred vision, headaches, nausea, or vomiting.

Who is more?

Michelle Bondorff, a nose, ear and throat specialist, said: The type of dizziness also varies, especially in the field. Sometimes a sudden whirlwind and sometimes a continuous dizziness can be a problem for a few days.

Experts say that people who have problems with dizziness when they wake up from a sitting or lying position may develop dementia in the future. In other words, the disease of forgetting everything can consume them. Outbreaks of various diseases can also occur in the head. Heart failure, nerve problems can also occur. So if you have these symptoms, you must see a doctor immediately.

What to do? Which doctor to go to?

If you have a home doctor, you need to talk to him or her. Then he may send the nose, ear, throat specialist. Or you can understand the situation and send it to a neurologist or any other specialist. However, high blood pressure, pulse tests as well as eye specialist may have to go

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Written by   13
2 years ago
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