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Some of the scariest and most mysterious places in the world....

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2 years ago

Some of the scariest and most mysterious places in the world!

There are some mysterious places around us beyond the known world. There is no end to the mystery about their location, environment and nature. From ancient times till today no man or scientist has been able to solve this mystery. Even modern science and technology are lost in the Maya web of these places. So there are some places in the world whose history or story is still unknown and mysterious to us. Let's find out about some haunted places.

1. McMurdo Dry Valley

The McMurdo Dry Valley is located between Antarctica's ice and snow. This uninhabited valley is one of the driest deserts in the world. Only 4 inches of rain falls here every year. The place is covered with polar ice. Although some algae can be seen here, there are no plants. According to scientists, this location of the Earth satellite has a strange resemblance to the atmosphere of Mars.

2. Mount Roraima

Mount Roraima is a flat-topped mountain range called Tipui. It is located in Venezuela. Very inaccessible and cloud-covered mysterious Tipui. Even in the dry season it is covered with clouds. The first discussion of this series came in 1596. Surrounded by an area of ​​31 square kilometers and surrounded by a 400-meter-long cliff, the mountains are located on the borders of the three countries, Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. But this inaccessible mountain can only be reached through the Venezuelan border.

3. California racetrack playa

One of the wonders of the world. The rocks here seem to change place on their own. No one has ever seen the rocks in motion, yet the imprint left on the thin mud layer confirms the displacement of the rocks. Some stones weigh up to several hundred pounds, and the mystery of how these heavy stones move from one place to another has not been revealed to this day.

The fine imprints left on the rock trail indicate that the rocks move at a time when the valley is covered with a thin layer of clay. Although there is a possibility that the rocks may have been moved by humans or other animals, there is no sign of them in the surrounding mud. In 1948, experts came to know about such a global event in Death Valley, Plastra Playa, California. Even today, scientists have not been able to unravel the mystery of the difference in the movement of rocks.

4. The gates of hell

It is located in the city of Darvaya in Turkmenistan. This is a burning hole. The burning place is known as the ‘gates of hell’. The place has been burning continuously since 1971. In 1971, a gas mine was discovered here. Initial research showed that the amount of toxic gas was limited. It was decided that this gas would be burned so that it would not have a chance to spread its toxicity. Then a fire was lit by digging a hole here. But to the surprise of researchers, it is still burning at the same time for 40 years.

5. Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most amazing places in the world. It is also known as the Devil's Triangle. It is located in a special region of the Atlantic Ocean. Where several ships and planes have mysteriously disappeared. Whose secret is still unknown today. Many think that the cause of all these disappearances is merely an accident. Which may be due to a natural disaster or negligence of the driver. According to the current legend, some supernatural force is responsible for this.

. Aokighara

The Aokighara forest is a mysterious terrifying terrain in Japan. It is located at the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan. This forest is spread over an area of ​​3,500 hectares. Curly and twisted trees are full of escapes. The locals believe that the whole area is a haunted place. Unfortunately the place is known as the second largest suicide place in the world. More than 500 people have committed suicide here since the 1950s. But no one knows why people choose this place for suicide.

. Magnetic hills

Not only in name, but also because of this magnetic mountain. This magnetic hill in Manhattan, New Brunswick has proved its worth. In 1930, it was suddenly discovered that a vehicle passing through the vicinity of this hill had some problems. Especially if the car is able to pass over it, then without any push, it starts rolling backwards in some invisible attraction. At first everyone was surprised to see this strange thing. However, the research began quickly. Different people started giving different opinions. And after a while everyone came to the conclusion that there is a huge magnet around this mountain. Whenever an iron object is next to it, he pulls it towards himself.

. Maguicheng

Maguicheng is a desert in the Xinjiang region of China. It literally means the city of Satan. The place is completely abandoned and uninhabited. People say that many strange things happen here. Visitors claim to have heard mysterious sounds, melancholy melodies and the soft sound of guitars, baby cries and tiger roars. No one has yet traced the source of these words.

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2 years ago
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