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Bitcoin: 24$ to 5 million euros!

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2 years ago

Norway's Christopher Koch 7 has become a millionaire by buying Bitcoin He has fulfilled his long dream with bitcoin bought four years ago Bought an apartment 7 in the center of the capital Oslo The price is 1 lakh 35 thousand euros!

Age is only 29 years 6 Engineer Christopher Koch's dream was to buy an apartment Strangely, but that dream has come true Bought 5,000 bitcoins worth ২৪ 24 four years ago In April of this year, he was suddenly struck by a report that said the price of Bitcoin had risen by ৷ He hadn't noticed the password for so long - which took him a whole day to remember. Then, when he remembered the password, he changed the meaning of the bitcoins and found that they were worth 500,000 euros. From this he bought apartment 6 at a cost of 1 lakh 35 thousand Euros

Inauguration of Bitcoin's 'first' ATM booth

Bitcoin was discovered in 2006 by computer scientist Satoshi Nakamoto under the pseudonym ৷ Bitcoin can be easily bought and sold online

Bitcoin's 'first' ATM

Bitcoin's 'first' ATM booth opens in Vancouver, Canada on Tuesday Three young entrepreneurs inaugurated it in a coffee shop This bitcoin can be exchanged for any local currency Soon after the launch, Bitcoin buyers began buying coins and snacks from ATMs using smartphones.

Immediately after the launch, Bitcoin buyers bought coins from ATMs and used smartphones to buy coffee and snacks.

Michelle Dimitar, one of the booth owners and a local entrepreneur, has been involved in the bitcoin business for the past few years. He said it is the world's first bitcoin ATM6

The other two owners of the ATM booth are Dimitar's school life friends They said, everyone is now buying and selling on the website, so they have taken this initiative There will be a PIN number that can be entered into the ATM to withdraw or deposit money in Bitcoin. The machine will send the money to the Canadian VertX Exchange via the Internet At present a bitcoin costs ২০০ 200

Germany first

Germany is the first country in the world to declare Bitcoin as a private currency this year. Bitcoin is now widely used in San Francisco, Berlin and Argentina Online companies are now working on it

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2 years ago
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