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3 years ago

Dream Place♥️ Makkah ♥️

One place , million loves.

Ascalamualaikum guys. Hopefully all are well by the uncountable Marcy of Allah. I am also hilarious by his kindness.

Do you love♥️ Makkah♥️? Are you want to go there one time in your life? I want go there and if♥️ Allah ♥️saves me then I will go there at any cost. Makkah is a country of our Prophet ♥️Muhammad (sa)♥️. He was born in Makkah and He also died in Every year many people come here for performing Hajj. My father was going there for Performing Hajj in 2014. But I want to go there. It's my dream. I know it not only my dream but also all Muslims dream. But many people don't able to go there for financial problem. But I will go there . Everybody please pray for me so that I will able to go there. I also pray for you that you also go there.

See you again. Allah Hafez.

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