losing when trying to be free.

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2 years ago

Told myself i was going to be financially independent this new year, actually took up some jobs, was so happy implementing them, with the hope that i was on my way to another level. what i have been facing instead are tons of debts and crashed online businesses, so discouraging but i have family who are behind me supporting me, and encouraging me these to those out there who feels like its the end of the world.....trouble never ends but God will always give us a way out and the courage to be responsible .........God! another crashed business, even though i just God will give us a way out, i can literally feel my blood pressure sky rocketing, thinking how am i gonna meet up with my financial debts and other obligations...... how did i get to this point from an optimistic new year's resolution to feeling frustrated and inadequate, late night prayers mingled with tears and the fact that am still single never leaves a good taste in my mouth but i know that EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE FINE!!!.

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