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Restoring A Good Relationship With God

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1 year ago

Do you know the reason for the chaos we are experiencing in the world today? The world is no longer a safe place for the people, every nukes and crannies of the world has their own dangers against humanity, many christians and ministers of God hath forsaken God just because of what the world as turned into. But the problem God will never take any excuse from anyone. The only way out is for you to restore your good relationship with God.

What is Good Relationship With God?

To answer this you need to understand the meaning of the three key words Good, Relationship and

  • Good: This is what we considered as proper or right, it can also mean, well behaved, kind or

  • Relationship: Relationship can be described as connection, association or involvement with someone or something. It can also be described as a state of affairs existing between two or more people.

  • God: This is the Supreme Being with whom power and intelligent was used to create the universe both known and unknown

With the above definitions we can say that Good relationship with God means having a friendly, right or proper connections, affairs, associations or involvement with our maker or creator.

So many many people do not have a friendly relationship with their creator, hence the reason for the troubles we are seeing in the world.

Signs of swerving devotions to God

When you begin to experience the following, it means you are no more on the right path with your maker.

  • When you no longer have hunger for God (I Peter 2:2) :- If you no longer have a desire to know God more, when you can't walk with and seek for God in your prayers, this shows nothing but you have drifted away from your path.

  • When you no longer have conscience protest in you: anytime you do the wrong thing and you still feel comfortable, it shows you are no longer mindful of God's relationship with you.

  • When you find it difficult to read and study Bible (Joshua 1:8):- The word of God is our only guide in this corrupted world, you can't rely on any minister of God as most of them have chosen to be on Satan's side with their reactions to the TRUE GOSPEL. If truly you are still in relationship with God please, let your Bible be your intimate companion.

  • When you have become too civilized than being a born again Christian :- To be born again means to become a new and better person from your old self in Christ. Are you truly a born again Christian? If you not or you have been practicing your old behaviours it means you are no more on God's side, repent.

  • If no one can teach or correct you (Proverb 12:1) :- As humans we all tend to make mistakes, but when someone tries to let you know what you are doing wrong it is your duty to make amendment. So many can not be teach or correct for their mistakes because of their status in the church of God. If this is you, you are missing it already, change your ways.

  • When you think filled with pride (Romans 12:3, Proverb 8:12-14) :- Pride is the only reason for some people who are missing their path with their creator. The pride may be because of your family status, your achievements, your beauty, your race/colour, your fame, etc. But make sure you run from all that can brings you pride, humble yourself.

Why must you be in a good relationship with God?

Everything in life has its own rewards, though the reward may be what will make you cry or laugh, but sure nothing goes for nothing. Here are the reasons you need to be in a good relationship with your maker.

  • Peace of mind :- when you are in the right state with God then all your worries are gone, what makes you call yourself a Christian and still has a troubled heart is because you are not in a good relationship with God.

  • Boundless Joy:- In the presence of God there is fullness of joy. The presence of God does not necessarily means in church but when your heart belongs to God, His presence will always follow you thereby providing you with the joy needed by you.

  • The right and impacting people shall come to you:- There is this magnetic force called Holy Spirit, this Holy Spirit will attract those that can help you in your spiritual journey.

  • Manifestation of divine boldness :- Remember the apostles, they can't preach the gospel but immediately they received the Holy Spirit then comes the boldness to speak anywhere and anytime.

  • Unprecedented prosperity :- With God on your side you can't lack any good thing

Psalm 23:1 The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. 
  • Long Life:- You don't need to fear death because God has promised all that dwell in Him a long life, you have nothing to fear.

  • Eternal life :- If you live your life according to God's plan then congratulations for the kingdom of God is yours. People may be mocking you here on earth but if you can hold your peace in Christ and won the yours is everlasting joy.

How To Restore My Good Relationship with God

The following are what to do if you still want God to be your best companion.

  • See yourself as a sinner :- Every man born of flesh is a sinner, you need to admit that you are a sinner

  • Make a U-turn from sin:- Repent from your sin and start a new journey with your creator

  • Make the word of God your best friend. Always read and study Bible and allow it to guide your steps in life.

  • Spend quality time with God in your prayers

  • Befriend holy people, those who can help your faith.

  • Trust and obey God.

I hope you can find your peace in God and I pray God be with you in all your endeavors, happy new week and thanks for reading. Please don't forget to like, comment and subscribe.

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Written by   20
1 year ago
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We must leave a live that plea God and walk on he's way

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1 year ago

Christ is my rock, my refuge and strong hold.

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1 year ago

Our way of life must glorify the Lord and it will lead to good relationship with God.

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1 year ago