The benefits of eating raw turmeric and molasses together.

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The benefits of eating raw turmeric and molasses together.

Apel Ornil Apu asked Shakib Bhaiya, "Please tell me what will be the benefit of playing raw turmeric and gur together. Let's find out. Raw turmeric has been used for a long time as a medicine and beauty treatment. Yes, it has many medicinal properties. Many of us know about all these properties of raw turmeric. That is why many people eat raw turmeric in the morning. But there is another ingredient that is just as beneficial. Molasses can be eaten with raw turmeric, but it is also very beneficial, so I have not seen the benefits of eating molasses with raw turmeric.

1. Increases digestion

Now a lot of people suffer from gas and heartburn. Mixing molasses with raw turmeric can help in this problem. Molasses keeps the stomach cool. And there is no point in adding raw turmeric with it. Turmeric gas, helps to reduce heartburn. So to reduce this problem eat rose molasses with raw turmeric.

2. Skin problems

We all know the use of raw turmeric in skin care. But along with raw turmeric paste, if molasses can be eaten mixed with raw turmeric, it is equally beneficial. Because molasses keeps the blood clean. And reduces toxins from the body. Increases blood circulation. And raw turmeric enhances skin radiance. We know that it is beneficial to get rid of all the skin problems as an antiseptic. So playing the two together keeps the skin beautiful and is quite beneficial to prevent skin aging.

3. Problems with arthritis


You can eat raw turmeric and molasses in the morning for arthritis. Will benefit. Molasses is very useful to reduce the pain of the joints. Thus, with milk or just playing molasses benefits are available. And various studies have shown that raw turmeric also has that quality. And if the two can be eaten together in the morning, then there is no question. So eat raw turmeric and molasses every day to get rid of that painful pain.

4. Excess fat problems

Since molasses removes excess toxins from the body, it results in excess body weight loss. Which is due to the accumulation of toxins. It also helps to keep the body fit. And yellow also has that quality. So you can mix molasses with raw turmeric every morning to reduce excess fat. It is beneficial in melting excess fat.

5. Problems with cold and cough

Those who have a problem with cold can eat raw turmeric mixed with molasses. The problem of getting cold will be reduced a lot. You can also eat a little molasses if you have a cold. You will get a lot cheaper. If you cough again, put a little raw turmeric in your mouth. The cough will subside. Eat molasses with raw turmeric every day to keep the body disease free.

. Others

Also raw turmeric and molasses help keep the heart healthy.

Playing the two together protects against heart problems. Beneficial in cancer prevention. Increases body energy. Kanti removes. It is also beneficial in reducing asthma. Also eat raw turmeric and molasses every day to keep yourself beautiful.

So from now on, to keep yourself well, don't just eat raw turmeric, you must eat a little molasses with turmeric. Thanks.

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