O woman

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3 years ago

O woman-

I saw in you infinite possibilities,

The decline is in you

The beastly form is in you,

I saw service-care-care.

I saw in you generosity,

I saw stinginess in you.

Abundance is built on your inspiration

Poverty in your walk.

You are hated, you are wicked

Shh you are polygamous.

You are honorable, you are virtuous

Wow! Mother-pregnant.

O woman-

Poor in your deception,

Again, you are firm on the true oath.

I saw you in luxury

Satisfied to be a little again.

Blackness-whiteness is in you

You have cowardice, O woman of courage!

Inspiration and obstruction in the way of life

I know you two ways.

A woman accepts death

Respect-chastity to save.

Someone who sells himself in short clothes

Promoted self cheap existence!

O woman-

The goal between you is intact

You are lost.

Fresh and lively surrounds you

Tired of you

Defeated in your midst

Winner with you.

The pain is in you

You are the one who loves and rejoices.

The creation of the generation respects you,

Again, you are the son killer.

Krishna crow, you are somewhere

Somewhere the white buck of peace!

O woman- you are majestic, you are invincible.

Three, three times mother's name, then father.

Got - in the form of daughter, companion, sister, mother.

However, why be demon-destroyer silently?

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3 years ago