Hazrat Umm Sulaim (RA) A shining example of patience

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Hazrat Umm Sulaim (RA) A shining example of patience, courage and self-sacrifice Sheikh Zubair Al Hasan (Hafizahullah)

Innal Hamda Lillah Wassalatu Wassalamu Ala Mallanabiyya Ba'da. Amma Ba'd.

O sister, helpless victim of the poisonous chobal of materialistic meditation-concept! Today I will tell you an anecdote; I will tell you a story that touches the heart of every believer with absolute emotion. Every restless heart gives a sway of peace. And a beacon of courage for sisters trembling with fear of death.

Hazrat Umaysa bint Milhan Radbiyallahu Anha. The glorious history of Islam which is remembered as ‘Umme Sulaim’. She was an eminent female Ansari Companion of Banu Najjar.

The torch of light that shines the light of education for the people in the misguided darkness is shining like pearls in every page of his life.

She is the beloved companion of Rasoolullah - - Khademur Rasool - the honorable mother of Hazrat Anas bin Malik Radbiyallahu Anhu. She is the wife of Abu Talha, the famous hero in the history of Islam. Sister of Hazrat Umm Haram bint Milhan Radbiyallahu Anha, who was martyred in the incident of historical hero Mauna.

She was such a self-sacrificing majestic woman - in the interest of Islam who did not hesitate to give up her arranged family, beloved husband, expensive ornaments.

Before Rasulullah came to Medina, he took refuge in the shadow of Islam. Because of her conversion to Islam, her first husband, Malik bin Nazar, left her and her child and went to Syria!

Even in such a difficult situation, he does not move a hair, but remains steadfast like a mountain.

After some time, at his invitation, the best archer of Medina, Abu Talha, accepted Islam.

In the pages of history, the incident of Abu Talha's conversion to Islam has been narrated in a very nice way. When Abu Talha (may Allah be pleased with him) proposed marriage to Umm Sulaim (may Allah be pleased with her), he said in no uncertain terms, O Abu Talha! Do you not know that the deity you worship is made of clay? Abu Talha Raddiyallahu Anhu replied that it was true. Umm Sulaim Raddiyallahu Anha said, you are not ashamed to worship a tree! If you accept Islam, I will have no objection to your marriage. In that case, I will not demand any seal other than your Islam.

Abu Talha immediately left, thinking that he would think about it, but later he converted to Islam and married Umm Sulaim.

Dear sister! Leading in knowledge, wisdom and character, this woman was endowed with innumerable qualities. With the help of his present intellect, he could handle even the worst times effortlessly.

An incident related to this is very famous in the pages of history. Hazrat Umm Sulaim was in the small arranged house of Radbiyallahu Anha - she and Hazrat Abu Talha Radbiyallahu Anhu and the only piece of heart of the two of them was the beloved son of Abu Umayr.

Abu Umayr, who was walking with short legs, was the apple of both their eyes. But Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, took a very difficult test from both of them through Abu Umayr.

Once, leaving his sick Abu Umayr, his father - Abu Talha - went out of the house for some work. But by the time he returned, he was dead - Abu Umayr.

Umm Sulaim, may Allah be pleased with her, restrained herself by showing the ultimate peak of patience. He also told the others in the house not to tell Abu Talha in advance.

As usual, Abu Talha Raddiyallahu Anhu returned home and inquired about the health of his sick son. With impossible wisdom, he said, Abu Umayr is in a better condition than he is now. Abu Talha Radbiyallahu Ta'ala Anhu thought in his wife's words that maybe the boy is really good!

Hazrat Umm Sulaim Radbiyallahu Anha said to her husband Abu Talha, Well! If someone deposits something with you and then comes to take it back at some point, will you refuse to return it? Abu Talha said never. Then Umm Sulaim Radbiyallahu Anha said, "Listen, Allah Almighty gave us a piece of our heart, the eye of Abu Umayr; Then He took him back.

SubhanAllah !!

Dear sister! Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Patience alone did not stop her from explaining her husband with impossible intelligence. If we think of ourselves in such a state once in the world of imagination, we can easily feel the intensity of the pain of losing a child.

Dear sister! Dedicated to Islam, this woman loved the Prophet more than her own life. He converted to Islam before the Hijrah because of his love for Rasulullah. After coming to Madinah, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) appeared in the court of Allaah.

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