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# Game

‘I’ll show you a fun game today!’

The boy came to the girl and whispered.

‘What game?’ The girl looked at the boy curiously.

"The name of the game is Friendly Fight."

‘Friendly fight? What kind of game is that again? '

‘Very interesting!’


‘Hmm. I can show you but one condition. '

‘What condition?’

‘I can’t tell anyone. It's a secret game. "

The girl fell into thought. But before he could say anything, the boy said, ‘Come with me.’ He took the girl to a secluded room downstairs.

The girl has been to that room of this house a hundred times before. So there was no hesitation or hesitation in him. She went to the room with the boy without hesitation.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. They have been growing up together since childhood much like brothers and sisters. It is not a relationship of hesitation or hesitation. The relationship is more than a friend.

The girl has barely passed ten to eleven. She and her thirteen-year-old brother came to visit this house during the school holidays. The boy of this house is fourteen years old and his two younger sisters — one is twelve and the youngest is seven.

The four of them were sitting in the living room watching TV. Leaving the little one with the four of them, their parents went out to spend some time on their own. When they are overwhelmed by the pressures of work, they occasionally go out, watch movies, or just hang out especially on holidays.

After going downstairs to the secluded room, the boy said, "OK, let's fight."

The girl did not understand what to do. He stood silently.

This time the boy explained, ‘We will push the two of us, whoever falls first will lose. You haven't seen wrestling on TV, that's all - right? '

The girl shook her head hesitantly.

Not that they have never fought a friendly fight before. All four of them have fought so many times before — many times. Soft ball or pillow throwing, stealth, touching, thief-cop, kanamachhi অনেক many other types of games are played. But this time a little exception. And that is that the boy has brought the girl alone to a secluded room. The girl had never come alone before — they came in fours.

‘Let’s fight.’ He hugged the girl and threw her on the bed and immediately sat up on top of her before the girl realized anything.

The girl was surprised and noticed that the boy was holding her chest with both hands and was constantly pressing her. How uncomfortable he was. He said, ‘What are you doing, it hurts. Leave. '

Changes in the physique of some girls start from the age of ten. This girl looks a lot like a thirteen or fourteen year old girl because her physique is a little higher than that age group.

In general, the effects of age-related changes in the body and mind of girls are slightly greater than those of boys. It is difficult for many girls to get the mental strength to cope with this sudden physical change after the unadulterated time of childhood.

The girl said again, "Please leave me."

‘Does it hurt? Sorry, then. I will have fun this time. 'The boy hugged the girl again.

The girl's discomfort did not subside. He said, "No, no, please, no."

‘Is that scary?’

The girl said nothing. She looks very upset.

‘You loser.’ The boy deliberately tried to annoy the girl. Leaving him, he said, ‘You lost the first round. Now the second round. Now it's your turn. Let's see how hard you can hit me! '

What do you think the girl nodded. I thought to myself, this time I will get a chance to punish him - I have to push him hard. Only then will he win. This is the opportunity. The girl said, ‘Okay. This time I'm showing you fun. '

‘Have fun. Okay, see. I'm ready. Come on. Get me. Let’s see how strong you are. ’He continued to try to annoy the girl cleverly.

And the girl fell into that trap. He clasped his hands and walked towards the boy.

The boy moved away and said, "That's all you can do?"

The girl was angry. Very angry. Enraged, he stepped forward again and tried to push the boy with both hands in the air.

He grabbed the girl as he approached. ‘This time I am showing you what fun is.’ He turned the girl upside down on the bed in a wrestling manner. This time, instead of sitting on his chest, he turned him upside down and laid him down. He knelt down and sat on the girl's back.

The girl thought that since she had lost, maybe this time the boy would get off her back. But after a long time, seeing that he was not coming down, the girl said, "Okay, I have lost him - come down now."

The boy still did not come down. Instead, he started pressing the girl's shoulders and back with both hands. The girl could not say anything. He remained silent. Suddenly the boy bent down and started rubbing his face on the girl's body.

The girl desperately wanted the boy to come down from her at this moment, but she couldn't say anything যেন as if someone had interrupted her voice. He was left in vain he had no power to remove the boy.

Gradually the boy's body became hot the warmth of his breath increased. After walking like this for a while, he suddenly took off his pants and became completely naked and pulled his skirt down before letting the girl understand anything.

At that moment a cold current of fear flowed in the girl's body. Panic spread in his eyes. He had no idea what was going to happen or what could happen next. But he was not at all ready for what happened. He had never had such a horrible experience in his short life and had no idea what could happen.

He felt the existence of something alive in his body. Although not quite sure, he had no difficulty understanding what the object was. His body was confused with hatred. Both his body and mind shrank in fear.

After a while the boy's breathing suddenly increased — his breathing became heavier. And at one point fainted and lay down on the girl. The girl fell to her death, silent.

The boy fell down after a while. Without wasting any time, the girl straightened her skirt and hurried out of the house and went upstairs to watch television. Inside though he was very restless. He is staring at the TV screen, but a big storm is blowing in his mind. Every now and then she started to cry.

After a while the boy came and joined them. He tried to look at the girl several times. The girl avoided his gaze with satisfaction. She doesn't want to look him in the eye at all.

The boy was no less clever এবার he called the girl by her name and said, ‘We had a lot of fun, didn’t we?’ He looked at the girl’s face to understand her reaction.

The girl can't think how the boy got so much courage to talk about this even after that. He showed no interest — completely avoided the TV screen.

The boy said again, ‘We’ll play again, right? It was really fun, right? '

Seeing the way the boy spoke, they might have thought that they were all playing together as before — maybe they were talking about a game. Only the girl understands that the boy is actually pointing to a game.

The girl looks unbearable — she doesn't want to stay here for another moment. Her body is getting confused. A kind of discomfort surrounds him. The sooner he can get out of here, the better for him. His breath is coming off. He hurried to the verandah and took a deep breath. Then he looked at the road. Waiting for his parents to come.

Their parents were up until nine in the morning. As soon as they arrived, the girl got up and went to her mother. Holding his mother's hand, he said, "Mom, why are you so late?"

Mom was a little surprised and asked, ‘Why what happened? Anything color? '

‘No, nothing color. Let's go home. '

‘Well, going. Why are you so restless? '

He remained silent. Mom said again, ‘Why is Kiri’s face so dry? Tell me what happened. '

Seeing the girl talking to her mother, the boy approached them. Seeing her, the girl could not say anything to her mother. He just said in a low voice, ‘Nothing happened. Let's go home. '

The mother's mind may have understood something — so they went back to their home without asking the girl anything else. They didn't stay at home that night.

Since that day, the girl has not gone home on any other holiday. Since the parents have a long friendship with the family, it was not possible to avoid them even if they wanted to. But the girl's numbness went away. He could never be easier. The girl lost the mischief of her beautiful childhood and became completely speechless.

He could not tell his mother anything about what happened that day. He did not have the courage. If no one believes him, nothing is said out of fear.

From adolescence to adolescence, the girl went through a period of mental anguish. The painful memories of his childhood haunted him for a long time.

There are some mental traumas that gradually disappear with time, but if that pain is accompanied for a long time, then mental and physical problems occur. This is exactly what happened to this girl.

The girl had another problem and that is hesitation, fear and shame. He hid himself from family and society. His mind was disturbed in a big way. This also affected his mental and physical development to a great extent.

Just as time does not stop for anyone, it does not stop for that girl either. Years have passed. The girl is now an adult. She got married in a hurry after the honors final examination. She also has a child of her own. A five-year-old girl is like that doll. His constant worry is about his own daughter. He should not have to accept such a situation.

He taught his daughter to never trust anyone. Don't go anywhere alone with anyone. Even if he is one of his own. His worries about this little girl are endless.

The girl has decided to explain everything to her when she is a little older. Talk about the lust of some human beings, the violence, as well as the helplessness of girls. They are supposed to touch the sensitive organs whenever they get a chance to play tricks or helplessness. He will have to face such situations for the rest of his life. No one will come forward for him - he has to protect himself.

But no matter what happens, he should never feel alone. It's as if he came and told his mother first. The only mother in this world can say everything without fear.


Note: This is an awareness post. I wrote this with a lot of hesitation about a month ago and I am finally posting it with more discomfort. Respecting the privacy of the characters, I refrained from naming them.


Many may be surprised to learn that 23% of children worldwide are sexually abused not only by an adult but also by a child of the same age. This is mainly due to the lack of sex education. A child may have gone to play around the house. Then someone tempted him to touch the secret parts of the body. To the child it is but a mere play. And in the guise of playing, he may be sexually harassed by someone else.

Parents, guardians ুন take care of your little ones. Keep an eye on where they go, with whom they mingle, and how they mingle. See if they suffer from depression. Talk to your child regularly. Behave like a friend. Give them advice, give them confidence, give them courage if needed. The most important thing is time give them enough time.

If you are a conscious parent, you need to pay attention to the sexual protection of your own child. If you don't, then maybe your child will be the headline of the magazine as a victim of sexual harassment. Or who knows, your child may be sexually abused by someone but will never be able to tell you out of shame or fear. But before he understands the world properly, he will experience it with the most horrible cruelty in the world. Mentally, she may become so crippled that it will be difficult to bring her back to a normal life. A tragic mental trauma will haunt her for the rest of her life just like the girl in this story.

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