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Mr. Raihan's wife Ishita is sitting on the bed. Two sons Rafi and Rahan are sitting hugging him. Tears are flowing in their eyes. They can't accept that the death of their younger sister four years ago was not an accident.

It was a murder. Murder.

After two sons, when daughter Radia became Ishita's family, a flood of happiness came down. Ishita could not have imagined that a beautiful girl like Tuntuni would bring so much happiness. That happiness seems to be on the forehead of Sailna. At the age of only eighteen months, Radia floated everyone in the sea of ​​mourning and went to the other side.

Radia was a very calm babu. Ishita's two sons go to school so she has to stay busy all day. After school, Ishita's day of private tutoring for boys ended very quickly.

Little Radia seemed to understand everything. She never cried. She never bothered her mother. Ishita used to find it difficult to take care of Radia to take care of her children's studies, school, private. So that Radia would not have to take care of her, she brought her 15-year-old daughter Nazma from her father-in-law's area to take care of her. Nazma also loved Radia very much so Ishita was relieved with almost all the responsibilities of her daughter on Nazma.

The day Radia died, the day of Maghfarat in the month of Ramadan began. Ishita was coaching with her son in class five. At four o'clock in the afternoon, Radia used to jump on her mother's lap every day.

That day he came and saw Radia lying quietly in bed. Seeing his mother, he extended his hands. Ishita took her daughter in her arms. At other times, Radia gets up on her lap and says a lot to her mother. Most of the time, she complains about Rahane. Rahane took the toy.

Rahan does not give books etc.

Even though Rahan was at home that day, he was always engrossed in his favorite cartoons. Ishita tells Nazma to prepare food for Radia. She will feed Radia. She tells Nazma to prepare Iftar. But Radia doesn't play anything, as if she has no strength in her mouth. She sees how her darling carcass is spreading and looking at her mother. In the month of Ramadan, iftar has to be arranged on the table, so he put Radia to bed and started working.

Suddenly he looked at Radia. He was surprised to see a drop of blood in the corner of his lips. He thought that maybe Radia had put something sharp in his mouth, he ran and took Radia to the basin.

Where did the blood come from?

Just then Radia started vomiting and she saw the basin floating in fresh blood instead of vomiting.

The hospital is not far from home.

Ishita hugged the girl and took a rickshaw to the hospital in five or six minutes. He saw that the girl's fair face was becoming more fair. The palms of the hands and feet of the girl are becoming whiter. The treatment started immediately in the emergency. The doctor admitted Radia to the hospital and started examining her. Nah! Radia did not give the doctors much time. As soon as Maghrib Azan started, Radia fell asleep on her mother's chest forever ...

Radia couldn't say anything to her mother. She was just looking at her mother's face.

After the death, Dr. Radia said after seeing all the reports.

Radia died due to internal bleeding.

Maybe Radia got a big pain in her chest. Maybe she fell out of bed or got a big injury while playing.

Ishita could not accept the death of her daughter at first. At first she was suspicious of her younger son Rahane.

He began to think that the little boy might have hit Radia with the trick of playing. But one of Rahane's words was with Radia Nazma. Ishita did not believe the boy.

He would beat the little boy verbally from then on.

And they said you are a murderer, you killed my daughter.

Ishita slowly became a bit unusual. She started to go crazy. She stays up all night. He opens the door at midnight and goes to Radia's grave. The graveyard is not far away so he goes there quietly and hugs the grave and lies down. And talk to the girl.

A few months passed like this. On the advice of the doctor, Ishita was finally given psychiatric treatment in India. But time is the biggest medicine. All the wounds are healed with the ointment of time only. Ishita slowly healed again. Radia's memory remained an incurable wound in everyone's mind.

Nazma left work. He doesn't like this house without Radia. Nazma has worked at Ishita's nuns' house. There he also takes care of a child. Son of a nun. He was born a year after Radia's birth.

There is a proverb in Bengal that sin is never suppressed.

Nazma works at Ishita's nuns' house. He is very friendly with a working girl next door. And the friend is the most trusted word bank to keep the secret. Nazma also keeps all her joys and sorrows in the bank of her friend. But even in so many years she has not told her friend about Radia.

One day her friend got an offer to work in another good house. The salary is much higher than this house. But the girl could not say shame in the old house of so many years. Again she could not give up the greed of good salary. He told his friend Nazma about it in time. He also said that he wants to go to a new house but he can't say it out of embarrassment. Nazma then opened the door of his sin.

He said the little boy had to be secretly hit as if the baby had told his mother. After fighting over this excuse, he will be able to leave the job and take a new job. Nazma's friend is not so heartless. She said she will not hurt the child, and what will happen if something happens to the child?

Nazma then taught the child how to hit.

There will be no sign of where to hit.

Then he said it was heartbreaking to kill little Radia.

When he was working at Radia's house, Radia's uncle used to come to his brother's house. He also had a child. .

Greed came to Nazma's mind then, how can she go? She caresses him a lot in this house. But a thousand rupees is very valuable to him. If he gets this money, he will send it to his mother. His parents will be a little better in the village.

He decided to leave this housework and take over the work of Radia's aunt's house. After making this plan, he kills Radia in various ways invisible to his mother. Since he stays with Nazma for most of the day, he is scared. And because of her young age, Radia could not even tell her mother about the torture. Since Radia did not say so, Nazma gradually increased the amount of torture. Her idea is that Radia will tell her mother one day or Ishita will find out and then she will leave the job after arguing on this pretext.

On the day of Radia's death, at noon, Radia was first kicked while taking a bath. When Radia started crying in pain, Nazma thought that her mother might scold Nazma after seeing her crying. But Ishita hurried to coaching with her son. Nazma gets very angry then Nazma puts a pressure on Radia's small book lying on the bed. Then he started shaking Radia's small body hard. In this way he did it several times. Then he went to work in the kitchen.

Nazma told her best friend how she killed Radia.

He also said that no one has noticed him in all these years. He could not think that not all people are animals. Nazma's friend told her boss that night. The woman collected Radia's address from the house next door in the morning and told Radia's parents everything.

Radia's father had filed a case against Nazma. But to no avail. No evidence was found after all this time. Besides, Nazma had put all the blame on Radia's uncle during the police interrogation.

He said that Radia's uncle, who lives in the same area, showed him greed for money, tricked him constantly, so he did it without realizing it. Radia's father has lost her daughter. And since she will not get justice, she forgot everything and focused on her family again.

Radia's mother can't forget her daughter's last longing. What did Radia want to say? What about his troubles?

Or the pride of leaving the work girl? What was in his eyes! What was it? 💔

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