Divorce(Part: 1

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Mrs. Antra would not have thought twice before getting a divorce. You are only 20 years old. There is still a long way to go in life. You don't understand how this society views a divorced girl. You never know how difficult your journey will be. People's words will pierce the body like cutting. You are my daughter's age so I said the words. Think about it.

Antara: (I looked at her after hearing Mrs. Rose's words. A contemptuous smile appeared on the corner of my lips. The smile was not on anyone but myself. She got a really big smile when she looked at herself. Once I started looking at Mrs. Rose)

I was 18 then. It's been a few days since I just took the SSC exam. I am always focused on my studies. The class has never been second except first. Meanwhile, my relatives got up to marry me. I look no less than a fairy. Round face, milky complexion, deep black eyes, two thin pink lips, healthy strong body. (Mrs. Rose, looking at me, looked at me with narrow eyes).

Mrs. Rose: (A 20-year-old girl sitting in front of me with a slim figure. She weighs 45 kg at most. It shows how careless someone is. So I can't find any similarity with this girl. The girl was like that.) ??)

Antara: What ,,, can't you find a match ?? You won't get it. The person you are looking for is lost in the midst of marriage.

Rose: (I was shocked to hear the girl's words) Nothing like that ,,,,, you say ,,,,, sorry ,,, you said.

Antarah it's ok ,,,, you said I'm your daughter's age.

Rose: Hmm, that's right ,,,,,, then say ,,,,,,

Antara: Hmm, I grew older than my age. Even though she is a 16-year-old girl, a 16-year-old girl is forced to accept my rate. But, I have just started to learn to understand what is marriage, husband, family? It is no longer understood. Under the pressure of relatives, the parents could not stay well. According to them, if you have a price, marry a girl, you will not get a good boy when you are old. I started seeing the boy. Two or three proposals started coming in a day. Everyone likes me but my family doesn't like the boy. They think a better boy will come. Yes good boy came. Boy working in good company. The salary is also good. I was 17 years old then and he was 29 years old. They came to see me ,,,,,,,, boy to see beautiful, long-wide shapely body. The boy's house is good, the salary is good, he looks good, he has two sisters, he is married, now he owns everything. What else do you want to marry a girl ?? My family doesn't want anything else. However, the people of the boy's house liked me, but we did not like the mud house. My dad is a little grocer. I have a brother who is 10 years older than me. Unemployed people are not getting jobs by studying. All in all, the boy's family didn't like anything except me. But the boy will not marry without me. So his family rate was accepted by him. The marriage was settled.

Rose: If you don't say your husband's name yet ???

Antra: Aryan Ahmed ,,,,,

Rose: Then tell me what happened ??

Antara: I still remember holding my father's hand and crying a lot that day.

★ Past

Antara: Dad, I will not get married now. I will study. I will study in college and then I will do a big job in varsity.

I heard that a country will have a minister after studying. A 26-year-old boy is studying and sitting on his father's neck and eating.

Antarah brother sitting and eating where ?? Giving job interviews somewhere or other every day.

M: Yes, your brother, we will go to heaven to get a job.

Antara: If you say something without praying for your brother, how will the job be ??

M: I don't want to hear so much ,,,,, when the marriage is right, the marriage will be on time.

Antara: Dad, why aren't you saying something ??

Dad: Your mother is right. The marriage is over, what to do now ??

Arav: Don't do it, that's all. The man is much older than Antara. Please don't do it, father.

M: It is better for boys to be a little older. Understands the meaning of the world. The boy is good in all respects.

Arav: That's why there is such a difference in age. Dad, don't do it. ঐ People will not understand intuition. Even if you don't read, I will teach Antara.

Mother herself is sitting on her father's neck and eating big things again.

Arav: Mother ,,, I am not eating sitting on my father's neck. I left with the tuition money.

M: I spent so much money to study just to run my own expenses ?? Where will you stand next to your father now ???

Arav: What am I not trying to do ???

M: I don't need so many words. You can't organize your own life, you are tying up your sister's life again.

Arav: Does that mean this marriage is happening ??

Mum yes being (hard throat)

Arav: Forgive me this sister (standing in front of me) I don't have the power to do anything for you. However, I can not see this marriage in front of my eyes.

Antara: Where are you going brother ??

Arav: I will not come home before this marriage is over.

Antara: (Brother left the house. Mother went to work and father is sitting in the chair. When he looked at her, he bowed his head. I also ran to the house and closed the door)

★ Current

Rose: What happened then ??

Antara: (I wiped my eyes with the tissue in my hand. I ate with a glass of water from the table) Sorry ,,,,, I ate without asking. In fact, the throat is dry.

Rose: It’s ok ,,,,,, then tell me what happened ??

Antara: The marriage took place on the appointed day. Seeing my tears that day, it seems that the sky and the air were also crying. My parents cried a lot while leaving. Brother was not true in marriage. As I was leaving, I saw my brother's friend hugging and crying. Anyway, it's called Adar's sister. Brother still does not talk to mother. Maybe I am alive because I have a brother, otherwise I would have died.

Rose: Why ,,,, ???

Antara: Listen and understand the whole.

Rose: Tell him ,,,,,,.

Antara: After getting married and setting foot in the house, I heard something that was piercing my chest.

Rose: What ???

★ Past

Aryan's fupi: I think you have married the daughter of a fakir ?? Look, the girl has said goodbye with only a couple of thin pieces of jewelry. It is not clear whether it is real gold or not. At my daughter’s wedding I wrapped it from head to toe with gold.

Aryan's mother and son got married stubbornly, so what else can I do ?? The fakir's daughter had to be brought.

Neighbor: How much did the furniture cost ??

Aryan's mother and my burnt forehead are not a blindfold.

Neighbor: What do you say ??? She married the son of a cannabis addict of that house. The girl wrapped the money in gold, how much more furniture ?? And you gave such a diamond piece to your son with empty hands, hahaha.

Aryan's mother, tell me what else to do, it's all my fault ?? I also married two daughters. Bapu did not give anything less ,,,.

Antara: (What kind of hell are you sending my mother ?? What are they saying ?? You told me to listen to everyone. So that no one can say bad things. How can I put an end to these words ?? Tears are not flowing. I told you my mother is mixed with oil. No. You didn't listen to me. I looked at Aryan with high hopes that he might protest. But I couldn't imagine what he said.)

Will continue ,,,,,

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Part: 1

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