Div # Divorce Part:5

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Div # Divorceđź’”

Part: 5

Antarah (I am looking at him in surprise ,,,, what have I done ,,, ??)

Aryan: I will not come to show my wife's rights because I have used her well for two days. Now get out of sight.

Antara: (I started praying with tears in my eyes. How can people act so much ?? As always, I still have nothing to ask from Allah except patience. After the prayers, I left the room.)

Moyna: Baumni ,,,,, Amma has sent to call you.

Antarah (autopsy housemaid. Age will be 10-12 ,,,) why something happened ??

Moyna: I can say that to my mother ,,,, let's do this ,,,,,.

Antara: (I didn't do anything ,,,, then ,,, ?? I started going after Moyna.)

Moyna: Amma ,,, I have brought daika in my wife ,,,,,

Antarah something has happened mother ,,, ??

M: What will happen again ,,, ?? The wife of the house may not sleep till 10 o'clock in the afternoon. Who will cook ?? I've been doing this for so long, now you will. Cook bread and vegetables. Aryan will go to the office again from today ,,,,,, don't start soon, it will be over ,,,,

Antara: But mother ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, So I get up in the morning but I don't even know how to cook. I still can't eat well with my own hands. How can I cook ?? When I found my mother in front of me today, I would tell her to teach me to cook when I don't want to study. I am crying now. ,)

Moyna: What happened to Baumni ,,,,, ?? Stand up ,,,, when it's late nephew but very angry ,,,,

Antara: How do I cook Ray Moyna ,,,, ?? I can't even light the stove ,,,,

Moynah kao ki ,,,, what to do ?? I can't cook

Antara: I don't know ,,,,,

Moyna: You don't have a mobile phone ,,,, What do you know on your mobile?

Antara: You thought it was good ,,,, You stay here, I'm coming ,,,, (I quickly picked up the phone from the room ,,,, I started doing everything after watching the video on YouTube ,,,,)

Aryan: (I woke up and saw that Antra was not in the room. Let me go wherever I want ,,,, I woke up and opened the cupboard to get ready for the office with the shower ,,,, I opened the cupboard and got in a bad mood ,,,, my clothes on one side and Antara on the other ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Antara: Why are you calling me ,,,,, Don't look at the autopsy ,,,,,

Moina: Aichha ,,,,

Antara: The autopsy ran away ,,, I paid attention to my work ,,,, I am cooking vegetables ,,,

Moyna: What is coming, brother ,,,, ??

Aryan: I'm calling you ,,,,, ?? Where is your wife ,,, ?? Antara ,,,,,,, Antara ,,,,,,

Antarah (I was shocked to hear his call from here. Why is he calling like this ,,,,, I left the cooking and ran to the room) A ,,, What happened ,,, ??

Arian: I called the autopsy ??

No, no, no.

Aryan: Then why did you send him ,,, ??? (with a loud rebuke)

Antarah a ,,, actually I was cooking ,,,,, ??

Aryan: so what ,,,, ??? What will I do then ,,,, ?? As soon as I call, I get in front of me ,,,,, why are you still standing ,, (pointing to the autopsy)

Antarah (Moyna ran away in fear.) What happened ,,, ??

Aryan: Where is my tie ,,,, where are my pants ,,,, I can't find anything ,,, and why are your clothes here ,,, ?? (turns red with anger)

Antara: I'm taking it out now ,,,, and if I don't keep my clothes here, where will I keep them ,,, ??

Aryan: What do I know about him ,,, ?? If you need so many cupboards, tell your father to go through ,,,,,

Antara: (Once I heard his words, I looked at him ,,,,,. Without saying anything, I quietly took out all his things and left in front of him ,,,,. I came to the kitchen and saw that the vegetables had started burning ,,, I quickly took them down ,, Making bread but not getting round ,,,,)

Aryan: Mom, give me food, it's getting late.

Antara: Oh God, what will I do now ,,, ?? Tea has not been made yet ,,,

Moyna: hurry up boomani ,,,

Antara: (I went to fry the bread and baked it in my hand ,,,, it is burning ,,, I put tea in another oven without noticing it ,,,,)

Aryan: What happened ,,,, food will not be available today ,,, ??

Antara: I'm coming ,,,,, it's done ,,,,, (I quickly put the food on the table ,,,, the autopsy is also helping ,,,)

Aryan: (I tore the bread while pressing the phone) Thu Thu Thu ,,,,,, What is this food ,,, ?? Mother ,,,,,, Mother ,,,,

M: What happened, father?

Aryan: What kind of food did you make today?

Mum, I didn't make food today ,,,, your wife made it ,,,,,,

Aryan: If you only have form, you don't have to have quality and you have to have it (for the sake of the heart). Is it edible for human beings?

Antara: I can't actually cook ,,,,,,,

Ma: Yes, the zamindar's daughter has not learned to cook. If she can eat, she has to know how to cook. My father was nothing less, but I learned to cook from a young age, you hear the daughter of a zamindar ,,,,,

Antarah mother ,,,,,, (I lowered my head for fear that Aryan looked at me like this as soon as I said mother with a little high voice ,,,,)

Aryan: You can't ,,, you are talking with your mouth again ,,,,, in the morning it made your mood worse ,,, (vomited with tea ,,,) spit ,,,,, is it tea or poison ,,,, You made it for me to eat, so no, now you eat it, eat it.

I don't drink tea ,,,,

Aryan: I'm telling you to eat ,,,,,, (with a loud rebuke.) You have made food on purpose so that I can't eat ,,, so no ,,, ?? You are taking revenge for what I said about my father then.

Antarah what are you saying ,,,,,,,,, ?? (Seeing that I was not eating, he poured hot tea in his mouth forcibly, I threw it away) And mother Go ,,,,,, his mouth burned ,,,

Arian: Now this food is in front of me.

Ms. Aryan Baba is going to be your rope ,,,,

Aryan: No, mother, eat this food in front of me first, then I will go ,,,, eat now ,,,

Mother, father, whatever you are ,,,,

Aryan: Next time, if you try to do some tricks, you will be ruined ,,, (I left home ,,,,, I went out with the car for the office ,,,)

M: I feel very good now, my son is wasting his food ,,, ?? Arian is right in saying that you have made such food for revenge ,,,, (angrily)

Antarah b ,,, believe me ,,, I did not do that on purpose ,,,,, I really can not cook food ,,,

M: OK, you will learn to cook by making food for yourself and you will eat the bad food you have cooked ,,,,, and today my son has gone to the office without eating for you, today you have stopped eating all day ,,,,

Antara: (I was shocked to hear her talk ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Doing ,,,,, hot lips and mouth burning

M: Now wipe the whole house with a broom ,,,, the house has become dirty due to the trouble of marriage.

Antra: (What are they saying ,,,? How can I clean such a big house alone ,,, ??)

M: What happened, why are you still standing ,,, ?? Autopsy

Autopsy: J Amma ,,,,,

Mum show your wife all the things to clean the house ,,,,

Moyna: Aichcha Amma ,,,,, Ah lage ah baumni ,,,,

Antra: (What should I do ,,, if I say now I can't even sweep the house, I have to listen to some words again ,,,. I went with Moyna and started cleaning the whole house. It was past noon to finish wiping with the broom. ,,)

M: It was late afternoon to do one thing ,,,, ??

Antarah ha ,, done ,,,, (I took a shower after finishing work. I think I will lose my appetite ,,,.)

Mother-in-law ,,,,,

Antarah (I slept for a while and got up again at the call of my mother) Yes mother ,,,

M: Iron these shirts ,,,

Antara: Well ,,,, I'm doing ,,,,

M: (It's not like I'm talking in my mouth ,,, now look how it feels ,,,,)

Antara: (I ironed all the shirts and kept them folded ,,,, this time my head is spinning ,,,, I went to bed ,,, I can't do it anymore ,,,, I haven't worn anything on my stomach all day ,,,,, I didn't know when I fell asleep ,,,)

Moyna: Baumni ,,,,,, O Baumni ,,,,,,

Antarah a ,,, say something autopsy ,,,, ??

Moyna: Mom is calling you ,,,

Antara: You are what I am coming ,,,,, (I got up and looked at the clock and saw that it was 9 o'clock at night ,,, I got up and went downstairs ,,, my head is spinning hard ,,,) Mother is calling ,,, ??

Ma, don't look at this, I don't really remember that you haven't eaten all day ,,,,, you didn't say anything either ,,, come and eat something ,,, or Aryan will eat when he comes ,,,

Antra: I will eat together as soon as he arrives ,,,,,

M: All right, then I'm going to the room. When Aryan arrives, eat together.

Antra: (As soon as my mother left, I set the table. Then I went to the room. She came at 11 o'clock at night. When she went to the washroom to get fresh, I went downstairs to give her food. ) Let's eat ,,,,, I did not cook mom did ,,,

Aryan: I have eaten from outside, I will not eat.

Antarah but ,,,

Aryan: Once you say something, you don't understand ,,,,

Antara: (Without saying anything else, I came downstairs and put all the food in the fridge. I am starving, I don't want to eat, I ate two glasses of water and left. He is working on the laptop in bed, so I quietly lay down on one side.) I fell asleep at the touch of my hand on my stomach as soon as I fell asleep. I felt a hot breath on my neck as soon as I met his eyes. I will say something and he started kissing me on the neck.) Today I am very tired.

Aryan: I'm getting rid of fatigue ,,,, (in an intoxicated voice)

Antra: (My words have no value to him. He is busy with his work and I wet the pillow with tears ,,,)

Will continue ,,,,,

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