Div # Divorce💔 Part: 6

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Div # Divorce💔

Part: 6

Antra: (My words have no value to him. He is busy with his work and I wet the pillow with tears ,,,)

★ Current

Rose: I do not understand what to say ,,,, ??

Antara: (I smiled softly when I heard Mrs. Rose's words) I don't have to say anything to comfort her. But tell me, I have tried to keep the family alive even after enduring such oppression for 4 years ,,, should I still think once before I get a divorce ?? Once I thought nine thousand times ,,, I will try again ,,, but I have lost to myself ,,,,, I can not ,,,,.

Rose: No change in 4 years ,,, ??

Antarah has been ,,,,, but bad instead of good ,,, their behavior is getting worse day by day ,,,,,. I didn't eat with my own hands, I cooked for a whole family, I never washed my own clothes, I ironed all their clothes with my own hands. I have never cleaned my room and I have cleaned the whole house every day. I have never done anything to be good at studying since my childhood ,,,, I just lived with my studies ,,, my mother would do everything before I say ,,,,,. And I was in this house with a machine to meet everyone's needs ,,,,, working all day and falling asleep in the evening ,,,, then I had to wait for Aryan again till 11 o'clock at night. When he came, I gave him food, sometimes he would eat and sometimes he would eat from outside. And I used to wait for him every day without eating ,,,, he never asked me if I had eaten either ,,,,. The habit of eating at night without eating at night is gone. Most of the time I would go to bed at 12 o'clock at night, then I would be the food to meet the needs of Aryan again. If I had ever said that I am tired today, it would never have reached his ears. I started to adapt to all this ,,,,. A month after the marriage, the result of SSC was given, I got a golden apple. I told Arian I wanted to read more. He did not clear ,,,, mother-in-law said the wife of the house will go to college, then who will do the housework ,,, ?? I was admitted to the college with the help of my brother in the name of going to my father's house. I would get all the news of the college with the help of Jyoti. When I was waiting for Aryan at night, I would sit down and read, I would hide the book whenever Aryan came. A month later, I was caught and eaten by Aryan. When I think of that day, my soul still trembles with fear.

Rose: Why ,,,,,

Antara: I didn't notice that it was time for Aryan to come. I was trying to do a math.

★ Past

Antara: (I can't match a number at all ,,, I was startled by the sound of Collingbell Bazaar. I didn't notice when it was time for him to come. ,,,, you come fresh I'm giving food ,,,

Aryan: I will not eat ,,,,, I have eaten from outside ,,,,

Antara: Oh ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Aryan: (When I come to the room, I see that there are a lot of books lying on the bed, what kind of books are there? ,,,, ?? ?? ) Antara ,,,,,,

Antara: (I got scared at his call. I have left all the books like that. I don't remember at all. What will happen now ?? Somehow I went upstairs and arranged everything.) A ,,, What happened ??

Arian: Don't you understand what happened ?? What is this ,,, ?? (Hand book throws stones at the intestines.) I told you not to read anymore ,,, You have been admitted without my permission ?? How dare you disobey me ??? How ,,,, ??

Antara: I actually ,,,,,,


Aryan: How dare you talk again ,,, ?? You have been admitted to college for a new boy ,,, ?? I want to go to college to show your face ,,,,, you are not with me ,,,,,

Antarah what are you saying these ,,,, ?? (I shouted loudly. At that moment he grabbed me by the throat ,,,,)

Aryan: I am amazed at your courage. (Gritting his teeth) I will teach you today. You used to talk to me in a loud voice.

Antra: A ,, what to do ,,, (As soon as I finished talking, he pushed me and threw me on the floor. He unbuckled his waist belt and hit me on the back.) Ma Go ,,,,,

Aryan: (I pressed his face) Shut up, everyone is sleeping, if a man wakes up to your screams, I will kill him.

Antara: (He covered my face with a veil without telling me anything ,,,, I am not just gesturing but he doesn't notice it. He is beating as he wants with his mouth closed and I am squirming like a hen with a cut throat) It seems easy ,,,, he got tired of hitting ,,,, then he opened my mouth and knelt in front of me ,,)

Arian: Think a thousand times today before you speak loudly to me with this throat ,,,,

Antara: (I am tired of crying ,,,. I do not have the strength to move a single point ,,,,. Rain is falling only with the eyes)

Aryan: No more your studies, ?? Read him as much as you can all year, when I can't take the exam at the end of the year, that will be the punishment for disobeying me.

★ Current

Rose: How can a man hurt a man like this ,, ?? You should not just file for divorce in Aryan's name.

Antarah gives the nature of punishment for some wrongdoings. I gave my judgment to Waller.

Rose: Releasing these animals means supporting their work.

Antara: I can't do anything to him ,,,, the legal system of our country is a slave to money ,,,,,. I think my brother's condition is good now but he needs a lot of money to run a case. I don't want my brother to finish everything for me. May his life be ruined. Brother doesn't know much about all this, if he knows, he will kill Ariana. That's why i came to you alone

Rose: Who will release this animal like this ??

Antara: Even if I leave, the one on me will not leave ,,,, all wrongdoings are judged by him at the right time ,,.

Rose: OK ,,,,, then tell me what to do ,,, ??

Antara: I had a high fever that night. There is no one to take care of me and no one at home ,,,, and I can't do any work properly ,,,, so what will they do leaving me ?? Sent to Maar ,,, Everyone knew I fell in the washroom and got hurt. But when I went to take medicine, my mother realized what had happened to me ?? As soon as my mother asked, Hao Mao cried and hugged her. Mao is crying ,,,, The girl who never gave a tap of the flower, seeing the condition of the girl, the father also cried. If you don't tell your brother, he will kill Ariana ,,,,,,,

Rose: Your parents didn't say anything, ??

Antarah said be patient, everything will be fine. Even though it is 15-20 in our house, no one comes to pick us up from home. People have also started saying bad things ,,, wife is sick but no one came to see her one day ,,,. How do you have a son-in-law ?? Forced, the father came by himself. The life of that hell started again. I used to take all the news of college from Jyoti, and he used to give me those notes in private. The exam came to an end ,,,,, Aryan almost forgot about that time ,, about my studies. He thought he had been beaten and did not dare to study. When I was sick, I was sent to my parents. No one would look for me until I went with my father. This time I took advantage of it. I fell ill due to intentional irregularities and I was sent to my parents. I also tested with that sick body. This is how the day goes on. Aryan had to be beaten if he was a little sideways. Sometimes my mother-in-law used to beat me for lying. I was enduring with all my face. From the first year of marriage, everyone started pushing for a baby.)

Rose: At such a young age ,,, ??

Antara: Hmm ,,,, Aryan also wants to have a baby. I was 18 then. Having a baby at such a young age carries many risks for both mother and baby so I was not agreeing. Aryan hit a lot for that too ,,,,. Said what happened when you died ?? I will get married again ,,,, but I want a baby ,,,

Rose: The one who doesn't deserve to be a husband wants to be a father again (with a contemptuous smile).

Antara: (I smiled softly when I heard Mrs. Rose) I decided not to have a baby even if they wanted to, so I consulted a doctor. Then when I tried not to have a baby, they became more angry with me. I also did a lot of treatment ,,, what will the doctor do where I am not taking the baby ?? After trying a lot for a year, they gave up. But he started abusing me more and more. I was spending my days in hell. Three more years passed. Unable to bear their words anymore, I thought I would have to have a baby this time. Arian used to treat me badly, put his hands on my body and at the end of the day he had to come to me again to meet his needs. When he was sleeping with his head on my chest, I said in my mind that he has a heart just 8 inches inside with his head on his chest, do you ever understand that ?? Honestly, he never understood that. Day by day Aryan became more and more changed. Now he doesn't even come to me to meet the demand. Because the look that made her mad with fascination and got married is lost in the hustle and bustle of this world. Now looking at me, his fascination does not awaken ,,, the impression of annoyance appeared on his face. Invisible to Aryan, I am still studying. Brother is paying all the tuition fees. The brother also got married then it will be four or five months. Then I am at my father's house. Suddenly I felt dizzy. Dad took me to the doctor. I know I'm going to be a mother. 2 months of pregnancy then. I can't explain that feeling. I forgot all the troubles in an instant with joy. If my parents want to inform Aryan on the phone, I don't, I will go and inform them myself. I left and waited at home for him to come. But he came and slapped me. I didn't understand anything.

It will continue

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