Div # Divorce💔 Part: 4

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Div # Divorce💔

Part: 4

Antara: (The man who never asked me if I had eaten is the man who is feeding another man in front of me today. How can I do that ?? Jyoti's call is not coming to my ears anymore. I ran and got into a rickshaw. No, no, I went back. I don't want to look. It's all over, and only a few days later he's on his way and I'm on my way. I won't bother thinking about it anymore. Can't wait until the divorce ?? Okay you're fine I'll be fine too. I cried a lot and now I will open my heart and laugh. Before that I have to arrange a divorce soon.)


,,,,,, Jyoti কে Who is the girl wearing the burqa ,,, ??

Jyoti: Heart brother ,,,, are you here ??

Heart: Yes ,,,, I came to work ,,, a girl left crying ,,,, who is the girl ??

Jyoti: My friend ,,,, Antra Islam ,,, read with me ,,,.

Heart: Intra ,,,,,,,, falls with you ,,, ?? But I have never seen it in varsity.

Jyoti: He just took the exam these two years ,,,, could not take the class due to personal problems ,,,,. I wanted to do the first class today, but the class didn't come.

Heart: Oh, but why did you go crying like this ,,, ??

Jyoti: There has been such a problem so ,,,,

Hridayah oh well ,,,,,, ok Jyoti you stay I'm coming ,,,,

Jyoti: Ok brother ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Kuchkuche black hair ,,,, light blue eyes ,,,,, 8 feet long must be good.

Champion in varsity basketball. Crush all the girls in college ,,,,, butt has no relationship with anyone. He respects girls a lot and is very sociable. She looks at me like a younger sister. There is a reason for that. This is what I forgot about my heart. The girl left crying. I called him and saw that the phone was off. I will go home in the afternoon, but he and I are close to home.)


Antara's mother Antara ,,,,, came and went to the room. I didn't say anything about what Lair said. Eat something khasani all day ,,,, something.

Antara: I will not eat now ,,,,,

Mother, eat something, mother, I know I am responsible for a lot of this condition of your life. The boy doesn't talk to me either. Today I am to blame for my children. Your life was ruined for me. If I had listened to you and Arav that day, your life would not be like that today.

Antara: (Today my mother has been saying these things and crying for a month. At first I blamed my parents but now I blame my fate. I opened the door and hugged my mother.) It's not your fault, mother ,,,, you believe your heart to see me happy He handed it over. You cheated on me too. It's not my fault, mother, what happened to my destiny has happened.

M: I know, Ray, I am responsible for whatever it is.

Antara: Don't say the same thing over and over again ,,,, Go and give me food I'm coming ,,,

Mm ok ,,,,,

Antarah brother and I think when will come something said ,,,, ??

Mum your brother doesn't talk to me ,,,, you are talking knowing that ,,, ??

Antarah Bhabi said something ,,,, ??

M: I think she will come in two or three days.

Antara: Dad came to eat at noon ,,, ??

Mum no ,,, I sent food ,,,,,

Antarah you ate ,,,, ??

Mum no ,,,,,,

Antara: All right, go eat twelve ,,,, I'm coming mother and daughter will eat together ,,,

Ms. OK ,,,, Early income ,,,,,

Antara: Hmm ,,,, (from now on I will live for myself ,,, I will be good for myself ,,,,. I have been in our house for a month today. I want to cry when I remember that terrible day a month ago. The last resort to hold on to the ground. Arian snatched my child before the mother heard the call. You killed Arian my child. I will never forgive you. I will never forgive you. The traumas you inflict on the mind are more than the traumas of the body. Deep. The wounds of the body may be healed one day, but the wounds of the mind will never heal, Aryan.

Ms. Antara, how long will I sit ,,,, ??

Antara: I am coming ,,, (with tears in my eyes ,,, I went to eat food. Like every day my mother fed me even today ,,,,. I ate and slept a little.)

Jyoti: Don't get this intro ,,,,,,

Antarah ghu ,, ghumte de jyoti ,,,,,,

Jyoti: Get up in the afternoon ,,,, Let's go to the river bank ,,,,

No, no, I will sleep.

Jyoti: I used to get up. (I forced him to sit up.) Let's go for a walk on the bank of the river.

Antara: Dili playing my comfortable sleep twelve ,,,,,

M: You stay at home all day ,,,, which comes around a little ,, would be good ,,,,,.

Antara: OK ,,,, (I went out for a walk with Jyoti after freshening up. Our house is in the suburbs. There are touches of both village and city. You can enjoy the facilities of the city and also enjoy the beauty of the village. Now our house has changed a lot. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Dad gave me a cosmetics shop. There are two boys working in our shop now. It was as if the brother's improvement had become Aryan's eye sore.

Jyoti: Are you thinking about the old thing again ,,, ??

Antarah no ,,,

An aunty: Hey Antra that ,,,,, how are you ,, ??

Antarah Alhamdulillah good ,,,, how are you ?? (I met two aunts while walking.)

Aunty: This is good ,,, what is your news ?? It's been a month now ,,,, I haven't come to take it yet ,, ??

Antara: (The smile on his face disappeared in an instant)

Another aunty and mother, you don't know. They are divorced. I don't understand what it means to get a divorce, Bapu. It would have been settled ,,, now will you get such a beautiful son-in-law ??

Jyoti: Aunty, please don't say anything without knowing it.

Aunty: I know, I know, I know everything, I never clap with one hand. The fault was not just theirs alone ,,,,

Jyoti: I heard what was wrong with the intestines ,,, ??

Aunty: Why are you saying so much ?? The one I am talking to is not saying anything. Seeing this, this girl will not be able to make her husband's house.

Jyoti: You ,,,,,,

Antarah jyoti chup kar ,,,,,,

Previous Aunty: Shut up too. You started trouble with baby girls. Is Antara really divorced ??

Antarah not yet will be soon ,,,.

Aunty: Then think again. It is very easy to break up a family. But it is very difficult to sustain a family. Girls have to do a lot of things. You have to pretend not to see many things, you have to pretend not to hear. A girl has to accept a lot of sacrifices to keep a family alive. Just think ,,,,.

Antarah ji aunty ,,,,,,

Aunty: Come on then ,,,,

Antra: Hmm ,,,, (They both left. Not divorced yet. We have to hear so much now. What will happen next ??)

Jyoti: What are you thinking again ,,,? Talk about rubbish.

Hmmm ,,,,,,

Jyoti: I wanted to say that you silenced Tuito ,,,

Antara: How many mouths will you close ,,,, ?? Everyone will say these ,,,,. There is nothing to do but sleep.

Jyoti: So I will close my mouth and digest everything ,,, ??

Antarah tell me what to do ,,,? I will quarrel with them ,,, ??

Jyotih Dhur Bal ,,,,

Antara: Jyoti ,,,,, (Jyoti got angry and left first ,,, I ran and grabbed him and broke my anger first. Then the two of them walked a little and went to each other's house)

,,,,,,,, Where is your daughter Jyoti's mother ??

Jyoti's mother why go ,,,, what happened ,, ??

,,,,,,,,,, I saw your daughter moving around with her heart. Do you hear that girl is getting divorced ??

Jyoti's mother: Yes, the girl's forehead is burnt. Not a single person in the father-in-law's house is good. What happened to the forehead of such a beautiful girl ??

,,,,,,,,,,, Listen Bapu ,, never clap with one hand ,,,,, they must have faults too. Your daughter is not married yet. The girl should not be spoiled like her from time to time. I want to say goodbye to you so I came. Don't let the girl mix with the bowels ,,,

Jyoti: You want me very well ,,,, so you have come to break my mother's ear ??

Jyoti's mother Jyoti ,,,,, Someone talks to adults like this ,, ??

Jyoti: Respect can only be given to those who deserve respect ,,,,,

,,,,,, No one has to do better in this world (to get up and go)

Jyoti: Go, go, I don't have to do good to you, all foul women ,,,,

Jyoti's mother Jyoti ,,,,,,,

Jyoti: You know what kind of girl Ma Antra is and what happened to her.

Jyoti's mother yes I know ,,,, I'm not telling you to stay away from the interior ,,,, but don't talk to adults like this ,,,,

Jyoti: You say he deserves respect ??

Jyoti's mother Jyoti ,,,,,,,

Jyoti: Even if you forget these things, you will never talk to me. You know him ,,,,, and I can't help but talk to Antara. If I don't talk to him, he will be left alone.

Jyoti's mother will not know these things. But you don't talk to anyone else like that.

Jyoti: Well (I went to my room)

Antara: I came home, talked to my mother for a while, came to the room and sat down to read a little. Dad actually had dinner together and came to the room and went to bed. I started thinking about those aunts. Is it really my fault too ?? I did not try to keep the world alive. A drop of water fell on the pillow through the corner of his eye. Now that I am tired, I can no longer fight with myself and try to keep this family alive. Now I want to breathe life into the open sky. I fell asleep once thinking of old things.


Heart: As soon as I closed my eyes from that afternoon, those two wounded, tear-soaked eyes were staring at me. When I close my eyes, it seems that those two eyes are looking at me. Thousands of pains are hidden in the depths of that eye. I can't forget those eyes, I will take all the news from Jyoti tomorrow morning.


Arian: It's been a month since Antra was not here. I never felt his emptiness, so why am I doing it today ?? Didn't talk to Nilar ,,, ?? No, I'm missing Antara, not Nila. I called Nila ,,,,,

★ 8 in the morning

Antara: (I got up during Fajr prayers and helped my mother to make breakfast. Then I left after breakfast to go to Mrs. Rose in Laiya.)

Rose: How are you Antara ,,, ??

Antara: Alhamdulillah ,,, you ,,, ??

Rose: Good ,,, did you have breakfast ,, ??

Antarah ji ,,,

Rose: Then tell me what happened ,,, ?? I've been thinking about you all night ,,,

Antarah guys ,,, we spent two days at home and went home.

★ Past

Antara: (I woke up after hearing the Fajr call in the morning ,,, I got up and performed ablution and called him to get up) Listening ,,,, Fajr call has come ,,, Do not pray ,,,,.

Aryan: No, I won't read, I will sleep,

Antarah (I called several times he is not getting up) this is not getting up ,,,,,


Aryan: I keep saying I will not pray, I am not listening ,,,, ?? I talked a little better for two days and you sat on your head ,,,,, that's why I don't have to get along well with little people like you ,,,,,,

Antarah (I am looking at him in surprise ,,,, what have I done ,,, ??)

It will continue

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