Div # Divorce Part: 2

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Div # Divorce💔

Writer: Tahmina Toma

Part: 2

Antara: (I looked at him with high hopes. He might protest but I couldn't even think of what he said.)

Aryan: Mom, you can't say what you want to say after that ,,,, ?? Do what you have to do now. I can't stand, I feel tired.

Mom, I'm in a hurry, Dad.

Antara: (I looked at her in surprise. As soon as my mother-in-law accepted the beating, she left me and went inside. Where can I bring this ??)

Aryan's younger sister Tithi: I think let's go inside ??

Antra: (I went and sat in the drawing room with Tithi Apu. Tithi Apu is 6-7 years older than me even though she is my younger sister. There is another Aryan's elder sister Bithi. She is 2 years older than Aryan. I sat here and listened to everyone again. Someone was praising the look and someone was researching what they gave and what they didn't give. I have nothing to do but shed tears under my veil.)

Bithi: Why did you put Tithi here? Come through Arian's room.

Date: Well, sister, I'm going ,,,,,,

Antara: (Tithi Apu started taking me to the second floor. I also started going with her like a wooden doll. Tithi Apu brought me to the room on the east side of the second floor. The room is decorated with flowers. It is a big and tidy room. Tithi Apu put me on the dock.)

Tithi: I have never seen such a big room, such a big house in my life, it will be difficult to adapt. If there is a problem, tell me and I will help.

Antarah (Tithi Apu also doesn't like me, I understood by seeing the insult in her polite language) Well Apu ,,,,,

Tithi: Let's talk about the new wife. I wondered if I had become dumb after seeing such a big house.

Antarah nah dumb not yet ,,,,,,

Tithi: Hmm (with a frown) Well stay, I'm coming ,,,,,,

Antara: Hmm ,,,,, (Tithi apu left ,,,,,,, I cried and cried this time. How can I stay in this hell ?? They are all the same.)

Aryan: Why did you start crying when this girl died ??

Antara: (Hearing my cries, he came to the room through a door on the east side. Maybe the balcony is over there.)

Ariana: What's going on? Stop crying ,,,,, you have a headache by crying all the time in the car. There was a driver, but I couldn't say anything. Now, if I start again, I'll hit him in the head.

Antara: (Listening to him, I tried to stop the tears by pressing my face ,,, I somehow got up and greeted him. After greeting him, he made me stand up holding my arms.

Arian: Your face is very arrogant, isn't it ??

Antarah a ,,,, what b ,, lachen all this ??

Arian: You sent your brother not to marry me to break up the marriage ??

Antarah brother ,,,,, ??

Aryan: What did your brother say ?? You see, my sister doesn't want to get married now and she will read more. Luckily for you, I wanted to marry you. Do you have the ability to stand by my side ??

Antara: So, then why did you get married ??

Arian: At first I was fascinated by your appearance. But how much courage did you have to reject me ??? The girls are crazy to get that.

Antara: I just ,,,,,

Aryan: Hus ,,,,, and listen to one more thing, if you ever treat my mother or sisters badly, no one will be worse than me. Which now ,,,,, wash the flour in the mouth quickly ,,,,

Antarah b ,, what was I saying ,,,, ?? Do not pray ,, ?? Are you praying tonight?

Aryan: Everything will happen tonight except praying (whispers in Antara's ear)

Antra: (I was shocked to hear her words. Won't you give me some time to adjust ?? I came to the washroom and got fresh. I'm afraid to go out. What should I do now ??)

Arian: It takes so long ,,,? Get out soon ,,,,.

Antara: (As soon as I left, he went to the washroom. I had a little courage, maybe he realized I needed some time. I stood in front of the dressing table and started to open the jewelry ,,,,,)

Aryan: (Freshened up from the washroom, I came out and saw Antra standing in front of the dressing table with her earrings open and her pale white belly protruding. At that moment, she was intoxicated).

Antarah (I am trying to open the earrings at the end but I can't open them alone. Suddenly I was shaken by the touch of cold hand on my stomach. I got such touch for the first time in my life. Give me time to adjust.

Arian: I got married so stubbornly to give you time. The first time I saw you, I felt dizzy. Take as much time as you can all day, but my night.

Antara: (He put me in his lap and put me to bed without letting me talk anymore. He got up with me and I started to squirm in intense pain. He doesn't have time to watch it. He is busy meeting his needs.)

6 at three o'clock at night

Antara: (He and I are sleeping on my chest exhausted and suffering from hell. The whole body is in pain and it seems that someone has sprinkled salt on the cut body, it is burning.)

Arian: Don't cry with this fuss, let me sleep and once I hear the sound of crying, I will kick you out of bed.

Antra: (Saying the words, he lay back on the pillow. And I pressed my hand to his mouth so that there was no sound. When he fell asleep again, I tried to get up from the bed. There is no strength left in my body to stand. I sat on the floor. What the hell is more painful than this ??? I got up from the bed again ,,,, I somehow wrapped the sari around my body and went to the washroom holding the bed and the wall. I left the fountain and sat on the floor and started crying like Hao Mao. Where did Ma Go send me? Will they let me live ??? Tell me how much I was burdened ?? What did I eat too much ?? I couldn't pay for the rice in my stomach ,,,, I used to raise half of my tuition money by doing tuition ,,,, I would have done the rest. Why did you send me to such a hell ?? The pain of the mind is more than the pain of the body now. O Allah, be patient, yes, only Allah can save me from this pain. After taking a bath, I slowly came to the room, changed my prayers and sat down to pray. I don't have the strength to pray. After praying, I prayed to Allah, O Most Merciful, the Most Merciful, give me patience, the sea of ​​mercy. Give me the strength to adapt, I don't know what you have written in my destiny, whatever you do, do it for the good. Give the gift of overcoming all obstacles with patience. Give guidance to all of them, and give me patience, Amen. There is a lot of peace after praying. While sitting in Jain prayers, he gave the Fajr Azan ,,,, I also read the Fajr prayers. At the end of the prayers, I slowly got up and folded the Jain prayers and left. I looked at the bed once, not wanting to sleep next to him, breathing in this room. I went to the balcony through the balcony door. Laying a sofa set on the balcony. I sat there and straightened my hair. I didn't know when I fell asleep.)

★ 8 in the morning

Arian: Where did this girl go again ?? Antra ,,,,,, (I got up, wrapped a towel and went to the washroom. I went out with the shower and saw that Antra had not come to the room yet. I looked at the clock at about 9 o'clock. I saw the door of the room closed and went to the balcony. I'm going to wake you up. I went to the room and got a glass of water and threw it in my mouth.)

Antara: Mother ,,,,, rain ,,,,,,

Arian: You are the queen of any country ,,,, sleep till 9 o'clock in the morning.

Antarah sorry ,,,,,,, eyes were caught ,,,,.

Arian: I'll clean the room before I return.

Antarah a ,,, where to go ,,, ??

Aryan: (I turned around and pressed my cheek after listening to him ,,,,) You are showing your wife's rights ,,,, Don't forget that ,,,,, I warned you today ,,, if you make the same mistake next time ,,,,

Antara: (He pushed me away. I wiped away the tears and went into the room. I started to sort everything out.)

Tithi: I think I will come ,,,,,,,

Antarah yes sister come ,,,,,.

Tithi: Let the new wife's sleep be broken then ,,,, No one has the courage to come to this room if brother is in the room ,,,, so I couldn't even call. I think give me your jewelry ,,,,

Antara: (I looked at Apu in surprise) Why Apu ,,,, ??

Tithi: Mother said to give ,,,, from today they will be with mother ,,,, your father did not give anything ,,,,.

Antra: Apu, I will give them back to my mother.

Tithi: What does she say ,,,, ?? Mother ,,,,, Mother ,,,,,, are you listening ??

Antara: (Apu went to call my mother and I paid attention to my work. After a while Aryan came from nowhere and grabbed my hair and slapped me on the cheek. I looked at him in surprise)

Will continue ,,,,,,,,,

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