Destiny (Episode - 4)

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# Destiny (Episode - 4)

--- What happened to Bau Moni? Why are you so angry ???

And don't say, brother, your wife is talking on my face from the first day, even commenting on my clothes.

Hearing the words from Imad Fahmida's mouth, without thinking, he went to Nazifa and held her hand tightly and said ----- Have you seen the five legs of a snake because I have said a sorry for the sake of humanity?

Nazifa didn't say anything, she listened to Imad effortlessly. Imad was surprised to see such silence ---- how people are so patient !!!!!

---- Why aren't you talking ???

Listen, go to wife Moni and apologize.



----- Look, I didn't say anything bad to him, I just said that it is not right for him to come in front of you after all this.

----- You see Imad is saying the same thing again, not as big as the face, if I don't judge your grandfather today, then my name is not Fahmida. And if he doesn't apologize to me, I won't eat any food today, I told him.

Saying this, Fahmida went to her room. Saleha smiled a little and said --- Oops! Allai knows very well why I survived because my eldest son married a girl like this.

----- Don't eat Imad, hurry up and Norin has a school. Imad didn't say anything else, he understood that Fahmida's job was just to quarrel, now he remembers how much he used to quarrel with Mitu for a little reason, but Mitu would not be silent like this girl, if Mitu called Bau Moni one, Mitu would say one hundred, Now I remember how many times he told me just because of my mother-in-law Moni --- let's separate. But I never let this word reach my mother's ears, because I knew --- my mother would never accept the separation of our two brothers anyway. Because after my father died, my grandfather and I had everything with my mother.




Today again, because of this wife Moni, I remembered the man who left me helpless and went away. As soon as he remembered Mitu's words, the boy's eyes turned red, the boy was human, so he realized that crying does not suit him. Suddenly Nazifa got up from the dining table, Nazifa was giving bread to Nitu and mother-in-law. Seeing Imad getting up like this, Saleha asked in a surprised voice --- what happened? Why are you standing up like this ???

----- Not hungry?

When Imad wanted to leave, Nazifa grabbed his hand. Imad was very surprised to see Nazifa's courage. He shouted, "How dare you ????? Where did you get the courage to hold my hand?" ??

---- You gave the courage.

---- I mean ???

--- It means that just as you dared to hold my hand without my permission, so did I and you dare to hold your hand without your permission.

Saleha was happy to hear Nazifa's reply --- Well done mother!

Imad was surprised, this girl hiding behind the veil is really strange, but I say such a bad thing. Then he .............

---- What happened, what are you thinking?

--- No, nothing.

---- Go and sit at the table.

---- Shall I listen to you or not ??? Who will listen to you that you ???

---- I may not be one of you, but look, if you don't eat, then everything can't be solved, so I say sit down to eat without talking so much.

Naba and then began to say --- Baba ato, ato.

Unable to talk to his daughter, Imad sat down to eat.




When Nazifa went to feed Jam and bread with her own hands, Naorin grabbed Nazifa's hand, widened her eyes and said to Nazifa, "You don't want to eat my sister."

Nazifa then said to Naorin in a slightly affectionate voice ---- Mother, what will she eat if I don't feed her little one ???

Naorin then laughed and said with a smile ----- You have only been here for one day, you used to feed my sister for so long, so she will feed you today or not.

Listening to Nitu Naorin's words, I started to say --- Good Naorin, this is what I wanted and you did it, very good.

Imad himself was shocked to see Nawrin's behavior, only nine years old but at this age he had become so bad. Maybe I don't like the girl either, but she can't behave the way I can, because she is a child and Nazifa is like her mother.

Thinking this, Imad gave a loud rebuke to Nawrin, Nawrin cried uncontrollably.

When Nazifa wanted to hug him, he said to Nazifa --- Don't touch me, this is the first time my father has scolded me for you. After saying this, he left without eating. Nazifa then said to Imad --- Why did you do this, he is a small man, and the love of small people is to be understood not by intimidation.

---- You shut up, it's all for you, just for you, I called my daughter this first time.




Saying this, Imad left the house without eating. Nitu then started telling Saleha to provoke ---- did you see if the girl got married ?? The brother who never left the house without eating, today is the first time he has left the house without eating.

It is true that Saleha left the house without eating a hundred boys. Saleha feels very bad. Nitu, without saying anything, Saleha went to the room in silence.




Seeing that, Nitu started singing with great happiness, and went upstairs with the breakfast. Nazifa's eyes flickered with tears - she looked up and said to Allah --- I will never be able to make anyone happy, may Allah never give this servant a little happiness. Surely Allah will help me, but how long will I hurt people like this, two drops of tears fell on Nazifa's cheeks, just then Naba pulled Nazifa's hand, Nazifa looked down in amazement.

Sitting in front of him, Naba began to say --- You will not make me this ??? Why are you there

Nazifa kissed his forehead and said --- I am crying like this mother. I am feeding you income, said Nazifa and started feeding Naba. Naba then began to say to Nazifa ---- Who are you ?? Are you a mother, are you a mother ???

Nazifa then took Naba in her lap and said --- Yes Mamuni, I am your mother.

Naorin immediately came in front of Nazifa and said --- No, you are not a mother, my uncle said you are an honest mother. Naba is saying the name from her lap, she is not our mother.

Saying this, Nawrin forcibly takes Naba away from Nazifa, Naba starts crying and says --- I am mother, mother, I am in your arms.

I will.


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