Destiny (Episode - 3)

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# Destiny (Episode - 3)

Saleh woke up in the morning to hear Nazifa reciting the Qur'an in a melodious tone. Saleha opened her eyes and saw the girl reading the Qur'an and crying. As soon as Saleha went and sat next to her, Nazifa wiped away her tears and said to Saleha --- Mom, you should pray.

The peace and happiness that Saleha found in the midst of Nazifa's back was lost a long time ago as a result of the children going astray. Saleha performed ablution and prayed and said to Nazifa --- Well Nazifa, have you ever been angry with your Lord ???

---- Why?

---- No, he is hurting you so much, but you obey his orders, call him.

Nazifa then laughed and said --- It is not possible to be angry with the Lord, mother, but it is possible to be arrogant, which in a moment turns into love after receiving a little blessing from the Lord. And the Lord never hurts His servants, but tests how much His servants love Him. But he does not test everyone, those who obey his orders, call him, rely on him, Rob Cable tests them a little more. But so can I say my Lord is bothering me ??

Mashaallah! What a beautiful thing.




--- Well, Mom, no one in the house prays in the morning?

Saleha then sighed and said --- I may be a good mother, so maybe I could not introduce the children to the Lord.

Fahad means my eldest son and he has never been human, for him life means only one thing - chat, and girlfriend, I thought there would be people after marriage but the one he married is Chinese, what else will make my son human and himself. So ... ......

Saleha became silent, then said with a faint smile on the corner of her mouth - of course what can I say to someone else's daughter, I have not been able to fix my own daughter Nitu till today. I gave it to the madrasa so that the girl would be a little better, but where is the better day --- the day has become more arrogant. He also stopped studying.

Nazifa then said in a weak voice --- and mother is her ???

--- Who is Imad? Janice's mother and I were proud children. I have never seen such a small and immoral act inside him. From a young age, he has developed the five daily prayers, the ideal ban man, and is a very good doctor. But that word is not there, the man who was Amir yesterday, today he has become a fakir. Imad and that's why he can't accept Mitu's death. Manbei or how my son loved him so much but his death at the time of naba has made my son so stony that he is now wrong and does not call on Allah.

----- Nazifa then said in a calm voice --- In fact, mother, neither we nor our Lord can understand, how much to test in the little love of the world,

But then we love the beloved, we want to keep him,

And when someone says in words --- I love Rob, then why do we forget him when he puts us to the test ??

Saleha is silent, because Saleh may not have the answer. We humans are like that.




At nine o'clock in the morning, Imad went downstairs with the children. Nazifa looked away from the kitchen and went back to her work. Suddenly Nazifa looked at Imad again, then suddenly said ---- Mashaallah, the boys are so beautiful. The man is really beautiful.

As soon as Imad got down, he saw Saleha sitting on the sofa. He went to Saleha and said --- Get mother, Naba and Nawrin ready for school.

Saleha goes to her room with Naba and Naorin without talking to her son.

Imad then looked around and started looking for Nazifa, suddenly his eyes fell on the kitchen. And I saw someone making bread with a huge veil. The boy realized that it was Nazifa. Then he went to her and stood there. Nazifa didn't say anything, she started making bread. Imad then started coughing repeatedly. Nazifa did not say anything.

Imad then got a little angry and started saying ----- what a man Ray Baba !! Since when have I been coughing but not giving a glass of water.

Nazifa then said in a serious voice ----- water in front of her hand, if you take a little.

Imad got angry and started saying ---- what is there to say like this, I didn't see it.

Saying this, he started drinking water. Not one glass, but three-- four glasses of water. Nazifa then began to say ------ If you drink so much water, you will not be able to eat breakfast later.

--- I will not eat, so what do you have ?? I have been standing here for so long, where did he say once that it will take something ??? Or tell me something? ?

---- Hasalen, what are you talking to me again ??

- Imad then drank another glass of water and said ---- I mean, I understand that I am a very good boy, I never hurt anyone, you understand, I am very kind to people again, so kind, so kind that I sometimes see street children on the street. I'm sorry. So you understand that I do not hurt people.

---- Say what you want to say without turning back so much.

----- You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?

---- So what?

---- So, Mom, I mean to say yes to you tomorrow night, so, so, sorry.

Saying this, the boy went somewhere in an instant.



As soon as the word sorry reached Nazifa's ears, Nazifa was surprised --- Mr. Imad said sorry to me !!! Did I hear anything at all? However, the boy was so hesitant to say a sorry, but at the end of the butt, he said, he is really good, but he forgot to express his good in front of people, this is what.

With a dirty smile on the corner of her mouth, the girl began to think ----- After speaking so harshly and when the man once said sorry, he was so hesitant that the pride really crossed into an unknown country in an instant.




Thinking this, Nazifa started making bread again. At that time Saleha's daughter Nitu went downstairs with headphones in her ears, saw Nazifa in the kitchen and started saying ---- run your hands a little early, will you eat breakfast at noon ??

Omnei Fahad's wife put down the night dress and said to Nitu ---- Good morning Nitu, What's happening ????

---- And don't say that he got very hungry, but look, he didn't make it for breakfast now.

----- Tell me how you can do it, that's why you couldn't make a family.

----- You're right, look how hungry I am.


Saleha then began to say ---- what my daughter is hungry for food.

Seeing Saleha, Nitu became silent. Saleha then put Naba and Naorin on the dining table and came in front of Nitu and said ---- Your mother got hungry so early today, you are Nawabzadi, you can't wake up except 12 noon, and you can't have breakfast without one. That you got up so early today ???

Nitu stood silently, Fahmida then began to say --- don't stay, mother.

---- Shut up, you are both boatmen of the same wharf, you see I got down so early today ??? And I didn't tell you not to go down after these night dresses.

---- Oops! Mom it's fashion.




.---- Going to do this fashion, he did not lose the respect of the elder wife of this house again. Ask everyone to sit down after the meal is over.

Hearing such a statement from Nazifa's mouth, Fahmida got angry and started saying to Nazifa ---- the bigger the face, the bigger the words, you have not come one day and now you have treated me like this !!!

--- Why did Bauma say something wrong ?? He is right, if you read all this in front of Imad, it suits you as a big thinker ???

----- Let Imad come down today, then I'm showing fun.


Suddenly Imad started to go down the stairs --- saying --- what happened ?? Why so much shouting?


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