#Destiny (Episode-1)

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--- Knowing I have two children and you married me?

On the first night of the wedding, Nazifa heard such words from Imad's mouth and said with a dry smile ---- You made me smile. Hey, I am a divorced woman myself, she divorced me after two years without having to start a family with her husband. I like again --- dislike. I was able to understand this 1 year to the family, finally got a little free to marry you. But why did you marry me?



In response to Nazifa's words, Imad's eyes turned red. For a while, Imad said in silence --- I didn't want to marry you, in fact, I didn't agree to the marriage, but my mother insisted a lot. Maya May's voice came to the front


- Dad, will you keep me alive and dead?

It was very hard to hear my mother's words that day, gently putting my head on my mother's lap

I said --- mother, why are you saying that?

My mother then raised her hands and said to me --- Don't give me a wife, there is such happiness in human life-- there is sorrow, but will you stop your life by being angry with destiny ??

At least think about the children, their whole life is still there. They also have the right to be loved by their mother.

I knew why my mother's words sounded so good that day, I was forced to marry you by looking at my mother's face.

The girl's eyes filled with tears when she heard Imad's words, but Imad did not take the news, but heard the bitter words --- I don't know if I will ever be able to give you the status of wife, but I will always help you as a friend, and Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me The marriage also took place in the mosque, but I do not understand why you have left your husband on the condition that you are so pious ?????

Faced with that question again, this 1 year girl is almost tired of hearing this question. I thought I would be released this time but it didn't happen.


The girl hiding behind the veil did not answer Imad's question.

Imad hesitated a little and said - Are you really good? Or pretending to be better.

Nazifa then said in a calm voice ---- maybe bad so I found a place in someone's mind till today. No.

---- Are you angry with me?

--- Tell me what this mother is saying, what anger can be done on everyone, if you want to be angry, you have to have rights over the person.



Imad didn't answer anymore, he lowered his face a little and said to Nazifa --- Look, I don't know what you look like. And I have no interest in seeing you, but let me tell you one thing, please never ask me for a wife's right.

---- I don't want to, surely Allah is enough for me.

As soon as Nazifa's words were over, someone started knocking on the door, Imad got a little worried and went in front of the door and said ---- who ??

Then a voice came from the side --- we are the father.

As soon as the word father came to Imad's ears, the boy opened the door with a smile on his face. As soon as the door was opened, a four-year-old girl fell on Imad's lap.

As soon as the word reached Nazifa's ears, Nazifa started laughing. As soon as the sound of her laughter reached the ears of Imad's nine-year-old daughter Nawrin, she started saying to her father in an angry voice --- Who is this in your father's and mother's house ??

Why did you bring him to this room, and why is he sitting like this?

As soon as Nazifa's words reached the girl's ears, her smile disappeared.

Imad put his hand on Nawrin's head and said --- Mamuni Annie is one of you.

--- The other one! Well, what would have happened if he had introduced himself as Mamuni? She understands your wife's right to be the mother of children. Nazifa sat silently in her mind.

But Nawrin, a stubborn and stubborn girl, grabbed Nazifa's hand as soon as she entered the house and kicked her out of the house, shouting --- What are you doing in my father's room, get out of here?

Imad then began to say to Nawrin --- Ammu doesn't do that, she is a guest of our house.

--- No, Dad, he's nobody, Fufu said he's our honest mother, Dad told him to leave, or I won't talk to you any more, said Naorin, looking at Nabar and told Imad --- Naba and you Don't call me father.




Nazifa was amazed to see such behavior on the face of a nine-year-old child, she looked at Nawrin in a very surprised way, there is so much Maya in the girl's face, which will make anyone fall in love with her but Budd is more stubborn and a stubborn type girl.

---- What happened? Why are you still standing in front of the door? Please get out of here, Dad, tell him to leave.

Mrs. Saleha Begum was forced to come upstairs at the shout of Nawrin. She came to Imad's room and saw the new wife standing outside.

Naorin, I came to put you and Naba to sleep. What are you doing in this house?

Naba then went from her father's lap to Didun's lap and began to say at all ---- Didu, sister, sister has raised me, sister, father, father says Atbe.

Hearing Nabar's words, Mrs. Saleha looked at Nawrin with hot eyes and hid behind Imad. Mrs. Saleha then grabbed his hand from behind Imad and told him ---- day by day your disrespect is increasing.

Imad then removes his mother's hand and says to Mrs. Saleha --- Mother, please let him go.



----- This is your pet girl-- the day is getting worse, you are caressing her day by day - you are making her a monkey.

---- What else did I caress, to keep your word, I had to remarry because of your irritation, also to a divorced woman.

The word "divorced woman" seems to have become a nickname for the girl. There was a time when Nazifa was very upset when the women of the neighborhood would show her and say --- Look, the girl is religious, but she could not make her husband's house on the condition of being so pious, she got divorced.

What an age, father, are they pious again?

To Nazifa, those words were once a weapon of traumatic injury, but gradually the girl gradually adjusted to this difficult reality.

Then there is no question of suffering from hearing this from Imad today. But then and today in the middle of the heart, I know why the old pain hit again, Nazifa could not understand ---- why such pain !!!



Two days before the wedding, the mother said, leaning on the words ---- the father of two children is united in the forehead, it is good luck for you, otherwise how can a girl who divorces her husband get married again ????

When one's own mother knows everything and says such things, then one should be irritated due to pain. But on that day, my mother's words did not bother my mother, I removed that pain in an instant by giving my mother a place in the list of five other normal people in the society, but why did the old wounds start to bother me again today !!!!! !




Nazifa didn't answer any of the questions, the girl realized ---- it may be easy to live in the world, but living well is very complicated, and in that complexity we have no answers to many questions, many reasons but no meaning in many relationships.

Saleha hears Imad's words, Imad gets angry and says --- You day-- today I realized how much you are really going astray. You call it divorce, what are you? Yes you are

---- Mom please I didn't tell you I will get married again, so the question is why am I coming here ??? And this marriage is nothing but a child's play for me.

---- If marriage seems like a child's play to you, it is not to me, I have brought her as the wife of this house to bring you all to the right path from this world and your condition, and she is not only the wife of this house but also my daughter.




Nazifa couldn't believe her mother-in-law called her daughter. Why does Jani seem to have said that the woman made a mistake, in fact the mothers-in-law never have a daughter-in-law, if they had ......


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