Fallen Star

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2 years ago

I saw a fallen star on the ground wasn't moving or making a sound it's lustre grown dim burning low I knew it didn't have too long to go

What can I do and who am I? I can't raise it back up to the sky I'm not special with God-like power the star's gonna burn it's final hour

So I sit by it's side and comfort it cradled in my arms we're a good fit my warmth seems to give it peace I think its suffering stopped at least

I cried tears as it finally winked out I'd been talking softly in my doubt offering my assurances it'd be alright it's not alone to face the longest night

That spark that is God-given in me rekindled calm and love in company and gave back part of the light then so it could transition to another when

That star evaporated upon its demise and I sat melancholic tears in my eyes thinking no man has power over death but he chooses how he uses his breath

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2 years ago