Baby Stealing Fairies

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2 years ago

Little pieces of sunlight strung up in the bedroom is the mirror mobile, As beams come in the open window to dance around and make him smile, Cute little blond blue eyed baby already the Prince in his common parents' eye, Rocking sweetly in his cradle falling asleep lulled by the mint breeze nearby.

But the sun is waning and a chill is sure to come creep like a thief in the night, Yet as darkness seeps in there's others skulking in shadows by moonlight, Fairy wings like gossamer creating more refractions even from that paler globe, They fly all around the room landing on shelf, sill, table, chair or wardrobe.

Oh how the beautiful children are prized for their charm and their look, Fairy folk have strange ways Man finds hard to accept in light of what is took, For in its stead they place a log enchanted to replicate the said child, And they stole away into the woods where they hide and play or make wild.

Nobody knows what they do it for malice or as a servant or maybe love? But the true parents will grieve and the regret never leave pray to heaven above, That baby will be safe with fairies and he'll see his own kind again one day, But for now it's magically spirited off and presented to the Queen of the Fae.

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2 years ago