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What i learnt in 2021

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11 months ago

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Few days after 2022 years come and 2021 gone. In that last moment many People think what he gain and lose in 2021..

I also think what i learn in 2021. This years is starting amazing. I categorize what i Learnt.


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In 2021 the whole world is under in corona pandemic situation. That's why my father lose his job. And he was only earning man in our family.

No others income site were . I am the eldest son of our family. So the earning of our family depend on me.

But i am not experiment this situation no any time. I feel very depressed what i do now. In that moment i struggle to don’t income and run to our family.


Photo by Daniel Friday Danzor from Pexels

Next i experience responsibility of a Family . In full of a year i conduct my family. During conducting my family many time such a socking situation come where i lead there to overcome the situation.

In this age It's a great experience for me. I learnt it.


Photo by Daniel Friday Danzor from Pexels

In these lockdown moment i face many shocking moment that normal time makes me impatience but in responsible time i stand with patience.


Photo by Cade Prior from Pexels

One of things my increase is stamina. In lockdown moment when i take decision and i can complete that help to increase my stamina.

Many more things i face i that lockdown that now make me strong. Now i can handle all moment .

Now my father is in his job but i am now independent of doing my income.

I think if anyone face critical situation they sould learn more and more.

And that help a men to go on.

Every year is very important for us . We should use every time smoothly. And i thing remember do not depressed in any critical moment just try to recover.

Thanks all.

Be safe Be happy.

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Written by   3
11 months ago
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