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Travelling to a spot

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1 year ago

In 25 march 2021 we are some friends decided to visit a place.. Which name is "jaflong".It is one of the popular tourist spot in Bangladesh..

In very exciting mood we went to the place.. In our journey we take to go Bus..

When we go there just look some awesome place.. It is located in border area, some hill also here.

Some people are there before we went..

First we look a place.

There was many boat.. That's mainly used to go one side to another side river.many waves in there..

Then we sit a boat.. And the boat go on the river side.. And we enjoyed our boat journey too.though it is small journey but we enjoyed so much...

There we saw some thing that impressed us

1: Hill

2:Cold water

3: Cloud


We visit this area in whole day..In the mean time we take lunch and take rest..

We take many photo.. And filled so much joy.. To take rest we visit another place beside main is also inserting place..

There was many people take photo in tea garden. It's looks so beautiful of.full green nature.. Minds goes to fill out of joy.

Then we enjoy there also.. And back to our night shelter.. And look picture that we captured in whole day..and then we upload some picture in our Facebook timeline..

Its just an amazing tour in my life...though i wrote it short but It's have many incident..

New article will be published in regular..wish you all be very happy. And safe from corona virus..

Thank you

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Written by   3
1 year ago
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