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Photography of a garden

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9 months ago

In few days ago i went a botanical garden and flower garden. There are many flower and tree.

First we saw all those garden and then clicked some photo.

Firstly this flower just amazing and mind blowing. It's color is full of impressive . Here i know in the sine board this flower is only for in the winter. Normal time the tree exist but not flower in that flower .

I buy this flower to plant in my flower pot.

Next we saw another flower It's also looks so beautiful.

This flower is knew me before. This is known as "krisnochura". This flower plant has some feature. One of It's this type of flower is only for winter. And this type of flower in all the leaf of the plant.

It’s also another name in my village. Here in the garden in the side of the flower there is also description of the flower. That's why anyone can understand the details of the plant.

Then i took another flower photo.

This plant has no flower but It's beauty is on the leaf. This leaf is full of decorated. Different type of line in the leaf here.

In my house this type of plant also. It's mainly used to decoration in any area. I also plant this because of decoration.

Then i clicked another photo.

This type of flower is a special feature. It's full of green leaf and with some of White flower

When i reached this garden in before the rain started. That's why flower looks more beautiful.

I also buy this type of flower plant.

Then we enter the botanical garden.

There are middle line road and two sides of covered with different types of plant there.

There also many type of tree like medicine tree,decorative tree etc.

In whole day we visit this place and It's place and tree just mind blowing feel for me.

I take many picture just some of i shared to yourself.

No more today. Another day i will on another topic .

Be safe be happy. Thank you

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Written by   3
9 months ago
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