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5 factor to be happy

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8 months ago
Topics: Happy, Life

In our whole life we want to be happy. To being happy many things try every day.

Today i will share 5 tips to be happy. That i learn in my life.

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There is a connection to be happy with satisfaction. When your satisfaction level is low your happiness level will be high. It's look like inversely proportional.

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As an example suppose you want to get job. But your satisfaction level is that i want job which would be minimum salary. Then when you get job you will be happy. But if want job with a huge salary and get a job with small salary you won't be happy because Your satisfaction level is high and it did not get fulfill.

So being happy satisfaction level low is important.


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To begin happy be patience is very important. Impatience public will not be happy any more.

In our life we just want many tings and you are impatience that's why we are always restless. It's a major reason of being unhappy.

When we start any work or anything firstly we need to be patience. Then we will be try any things many times whenever we get it. So It's an important factor to being happy.

3 Look lower level

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Looking at lower level is very important to be happy. Look like your self you feel you are unhappy just look like that people who are lower level from you.

As an example you hand is loss you think that i am the most unhappy person in the world but when you look at the people who's have no hand. Then you feel better . I also try it when i feel unhappy.

In our life good bad moment come and go. No one lead a full life only good or bad.

4 Grateful

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It's an important factor to be happy. In our life many times we find many things that is unexpected. Then we need to be grateful to our God.

We just try but God gives us. When we get an opportunity we need to grateful and try to be success .

Sometimes we are so ungrateful. When anyone help us we need to grateful to him. That's make us happy and fresh mind.

5 Decrease demand

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Our demand is so high because we look to other and see he is a billionaire i am poor. I am unhappy. No need to think about this. In Your life what you get you feel It's okey for me.

You need to decrease demand then your not think that situation. You can be lead a happy life.

We just think that in our whole life many unexpected situation comes that we need to face. In that time we should be very strong.

Happy life is good for health. You know that smile induced hormones that is good for health . For being happy life i share 5 factor that you follow then you can lead a happy life. We can understand that in our whole life we cannot get all things .

In that short time as we get we need to satisfied about that. Be happy be lead a happy life.

Thank you all to read my article.

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Written by   3
8 months ago
Topics: Happy, Life
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