Electroneum could be the next big thing

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4 years ago

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, has gained ground and a whole lots of value over the years.

In 2009 when Bitcoin was first introduced, 1 Bitcoin was worth less than a dollar $1, but as of today 1 bitcoin is worth over $10,000, and over 18M bitcoins are in circulation with more than 5.8M users.

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Bitcoin also hit its highest value of about $19,000 in January 2017.

ETHEREUM on the other hand was officially introduced in July 2015, and 1 Ethereum was also less than a dollar $1.

As of January 2018 Ethereum rose to hit its highest value worth over $800 and as of now 1 Ethereum is around $231.

Stats shows that by the end of 2020 1 Ethereum will be around $1000.

Just imagine if u had bought the Bitcoin or Ethereum when it was less than a dollar, do you know how much you'll have today?

Investing in Bitcoin now would cost a lot but the opportunity is still open with Electroneum.

▪Electroneum (ETN) is a cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) that you can easily mine for free on your smartphone.

▪Obtaining Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) is difficult, but we have made Electroneum (ETN) really easy for anyone to get involved with ZERO technical knowledge.

▪How to get free Electroneum (ETN) in 2020🔥

-Download the free Electroneum app, mine some coins and you are part of the exciting cryptocurrency revolution. You’ll be able to spend or receive ETN coins with your mobile wallet in the app.These coins can also be converted into mobile data and call credit on the app

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How to get free Electroneum

1. Install Electroneum App from Google Play Store

2. Sign up in Electroneum.com or through your app.

3. Login to Electroneum mining App and go to More option.

4. Click on Earn FREE ETN Coin and then click Enter a Code and put this Code

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and Submit.

Electroneum has moved From position 115 to 71 as of today with an increase in price.

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