Pregnant, Yes. Helpless, Absolutely Not.

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1 year ago
When I was seven months pregnant, I went on walks in the evenings to keep myself active. My husband usually walked with me, but for some reason — I forget why — he didn’t want to go with me this night, so off I went on my stroll, sticking to the areas illuminated by the lamp posts. We didn’t live in a particularly dangerous area and this was the route I would take with my husband anyway, so I wasn’t worried about going alone.

I didn’t see anyone around at first, but then something caught my eye from behind me. A shadow was getting closer. I kept walking, trying to walk faster but not so fast that I would alert the person behind me. The shadow got closer; I could hear their footsteps now.

They were almost right on top of me when I turned around, planted my feet, and threw everything I had into one punch straight into my follower’s face. 

My husband stood there, blood pouring from his nose, utterly shocked. We walked back together as I apologized non-stop. We went to the hospital to make sure he was okay. While we were waiting to be seen:

Me: “What were you doing?”

Husband: “I thought it was dumb to let my pregnant wife go walking alone. Now I see it was dumb to go along.”

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1 year ago