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Top Seven Secure Messaging App

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Many people rely on different apps for online communication. But choosing apps for secure communication is quite important. Because not all communication apps in the App Store are end-to-end encrypted. Some apps have security flaws again. This leaves the risk of personal privacy breaches.

In an end-to-end encrypted system, the message sent by the sender is converted into a special code and delivered to the recipient. As a result, Internet service providers, mobile operators or any other person or organization cannot read that message.

Technology website The Verge recently published a list of seven secure apps. Apps that work in an end-to-end encrypted way can be used for free. Learn about apps:

1. Signal:

Users can use the Signal app as a substitute for the default messaging app on smartphones if they want because of the simple interface. Signal claims that there are no ads or trackers in their app In addition to sending messages, end-to-end encrypted voice and video calls can also be made. The signal claims that complete protection is possible as a result. It can be used on iOS or Android platform.

2. Telegram:

End-to-end encrypted messages can be sent using the secret chat feature in the Telegram app. In addition, the message is automatically deleted from the recipient's smartphone after reading. Telegram has recently added the facility of fast download and large file upload for a fee. However, the free version still has a lot of benefits.

3. WhatsApp:

Messages and calls can be made on WhatsApp using end-to-end encrypted features. WhiteSAP alerts users when they receive a message from someone they are not on the contact list. In addition to group chats, WhatsApp can also send photos, videos and voice messages securely.

4. Wicker Me:

The Wicker Me app, which is on the Safe App list, was originally created for settlers. Ordinary users can also use it if they want. The app, owned by Amazon Web Services, allows encrypted personal and group messaging, audio and video calling, and file sharing. It also has the advantage of deleting messages.

5. Wire:

Wire is another secure communication app with a simple interface that allows the user to send end-to-end messages, voice and video calls. The app offers a number of additional benefits for merchants in exchange for money.

6. Viber:

Viber has the opportunity to exchange messages as well as join different channels. End-to-end encrypted features are also available when sending calls and messages.

7. Skred Messenger:

The interesting thing about Skred Messenger is that you don't need a phone number or email to sign up. Friends are invited to use the app via QR code or by sending a special code. In addition to sending end-to-end messages, voice and video calls can also be made in the app.

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Written by   10
2 months ago
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