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Think without Emotion

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My peers often say that the eighties and nineties were the best decade. Because, at that time, people had a strong sense of love, an effective institution called marriage, unbreakable family ties, awareness of principles, strong social culture, customs and creativity. The whole of Bangladesh was waiting to watch Humayun Ahmed's serial drama. His plays are reminded there is no one , ayomaya or all day and night speak of. These are the real issues on a large scale. The words they say are centered on one or two eras, meaning that these elements are now 'missing' in our lives. Many people realize that all of a sudden we have started making mistakes, where everything seems to be going wrong!

Who lives in the flat next door, now no one keeps the news; It is a far cry to know who lives in the same neighborhood. How do you know! The sixth most densely populated city in the world has a population of 45,600 people per square kilometer (as of 2017). About 400 babies are born in this city every hour. How many investment and trade opportunities, but happy people fair load. Everyone is in the race to improve the quality of life in the metropolis, where there is time to talk to neighbors. There is one divorce every hour here, 80 percent of divorces are filed by women.

Loneliness is a big problem

Loneliness is one of the many problems. He had been accustomed to living with someone for so long, maybe there was some sharing. In the aftermath of the divorce, he became very confused about the torture that had befallen him. Loneliness surrounds. At this time, many people extended their hand of friendship towards him on social media. Most of them are married men.

loneliness after marriage. Photo : google

Unable to choose the right partner, many women start walking the wrong path. Get involved with a very supportive married man for a short time. For the reason that a woman divorces her husband, for the sake of loneliness and sympathy, she herself becomes involved in that extramarital affair. She thinks that this man really loves her and will start a new family with her. But according to statistics, only 5 percent left or divorced his wife.

Later on, it becomes difficult for this woman to choose a partner easily. A crisis of confidence is also created among many. So I would say, tolerance is very important in any relationship. As easy as it is to break up, it is just as difficult to go on a permanent new relationship. Finding a faithful partner is even more difficult. This type of relationship is a part of adventure and monotony in the life of married men. Nothing will be achieved through this relationship, only their sexual lust. They come forward with options in hand. If less, in this case, a woman becomes a man's online fantasy and if more, she becomes a 'mistress'. So don't forget to involve yourself with a married man in the afterlife.

Loss of child in many ways

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One thing needs to be remembered. Children are very affected by the separation of parents. If your partner's mental, physical, economic, social, creativity does not match with yours after marriage, it is better not to have children in a hurry. Think about it. When you understand how the rest of your life will go with this gentleman, it is better to make a decision. Many people think that if one or more children are born, the mind will stay in the house of the groom. There is no such big mistake. What you haven't been able to do with so many things, you won't be able to hold on to. After the separation, most of the time the responsibility of feeding the children and taking care of the people falls on the mothers. Remember, Dhaka ranks 26th among the most expensive cities in the world.

Friendship with ex

Have a friendly relationship with the ‘tolerant’ ex. It will play a big role in the mental development of children. For those who are still unmarried, remember that marriage is not a myth. Marriage means responsibility. Marriage means making some new relationships and taking care of them. Marriage means taking on huge responsibilities from sunrise to bedtime, fulfilling some gender-based roles imposed by society, such as preparing food for the family, keeping the house clean, and taking on the huge responsibility of raising children.

Think of marriage

Marriage means engaging in huge economic activities. Such as paying rent, food, bills, travel expenses etc. So do not get married emotionally. Don't leave the job as soon as the family starts. Who knows, you may be separated even after having one or two children. Marriage should be financially self-sufficient — it applies to both boys and girls.

Being involved in the world does not mean that you have to lose weight or gain weight. You have to keep yourself fit for yourself. Take care of your mental and physical well-being. It is better not to think about giving birth in a sick environment. Pay attention to the mental structure of the child . Forget that you are his closest friend before someone takes your place. In case of separation, be aware of the choice of partner again. Stepping in the wrong direction only increases embarrassment, not decreases.

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