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These simple habits will prevent climate change

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2 months ago

We are all concerned about climate change. We also know that change at the policy-making level, and refinement, is necessary to prevent this change, to reduce its level of damage. But did you know that some of our small daily habits can also play a big role in climate change?

We all are more or less concerned about climate change. Photo:

1. Prevent energy wastage

We waste energy in many ways. If we all reduce waste from our place, it can play a big role in climate change. For example, Energy Saving uses electrical products (such as LED bulbs), switches off electrical appliances when needed, uses less AC, and is aware of water usage. Many of us leave the water tap and brush our teeth and wash our hands and face. At this time a lot of excess water is just wasted. Leaving the water tap wastes two gallons of water per minute. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. So when it doesn't work, turn off the call.

2. Use of renewable energy

Renewable energy is energy that can be reused once used. Currents, wind, sunlight are great sources of renewable energy. Apart from that, the biogas obtained from human and animal wastes is also a kind of renewable energy. The biggest advantage of using such energy is that it is environmentally friendly. The use of such energy does not increase the levels of harmful carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Apart from that, it is also affordable.

We need to reduce the use of plastic as much as possible. Photo:

3. Reduce the use of plastic

Reducing the use of plastics and polythene is a great step in preventing environmental pollution and climate change. Minimize the use of plastic as far as possible. Instead, increase the use of environmentally friendly products. For example, use jute bags instead of polythene, earthenware, wood, glass or other metal items instead of plastic. Another major source of plastic pollution is the use of one-time plastics. However, with a little goodwill, it is possible to reduce the use of this one-time plastic and even stop it at once. When you go out somewhere, you can keep your water bottle, small plate, spoon, knife, straw with you. This will reduce the use of one time plastic.

Reducing dependence on red meat could play a role in climate change.  photo:

4. Changes in eating habits

It is also possible to play a role in climate change by changing eating habits. Reducing dependence on meat, especially red meat, could play a role in climate change. Much of the world's greenhouse gas emissions come from chewing gum. Such as cows. Cows produce a lot of methane gas, which is extremely harmful to the environment. So we should reduce our dependence on meat and dairy products and consume fish and vegetable meat.

The more you walk, the less carbon will be added to nature. Photo:

5. Walking and cycling habits

If you go somewhere close by, try walking or cycling. This will reduce fuel wastage, reduce pollution and improve health.

One of the strongest steps we can take to combat climate change is to talk about it. The issue cannot be limited to meetings, seminars, writings or talk shows.

In our daily conversations, in our offices, in our conversations with our friends, just as we talk about politics and economics, we also need to talk about climate change. Encourage people around you to know what you are doing to prevent climate change. Have your say. Because as important as politics and economy are to us, climate is no less important. Rather, the most important thing right now is to prevent climate change in order to sustain the existence of our human species and the planet Earth.

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Written by   10
2 months ago
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