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Good luck to all mothers

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Mother's Day is solemnly celebrated in March every year in the United Kingdom. In the need of time and age, the clever traders are intoxicated in their desperate attempt to sell the supernatural emotion called love in the glamorous twist of commercialization. The old age home is the last refuge of most of the mothers who are tired of the love of one day folk costumes.

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Although unpleasant, this is the sad reality of life today! However, the wonderful history behind the creation of the celebration of Mother's Day by beating the drums with chocolates, flowers and cards is perhaps unknown to many of us. What was the accumulated revolution of that memorable day, the untold stories of the silent sacrifices of selfless mothers. Let's share those today.

The story begins with the implementation of a somewhat strange plan by two opposite-character women. One of the two childless women was a strong admirer of the medieval blind tradition and the other was a staunch believer in breaking with tradition.

'Mother's Day' or 'Mothering Sunday' — which greeting will honor this day? Excited Americans have chosen the second Sunday of May. However, the British celebrate this day with Easter. As such, it was March 14 this year.

However, Anna Jarvis of Virginia was actually the first to celebrate the official Mother's Day. After the death of his mother in 1908, he arranged to celebrate the first day. In 1914, the President of the United States gave state recognition to the day. Americans get their first chance to celebrate Mother's Day.

Anna Jarvis of Virginia. Photo : Wikipedia

Unwilling to give up easily, the British woman Adelaide Smith was overwhelmed by the success of her American companion. However, the British aristocracy may have been lost in the shadow of American culture. So Tactical Smith began a campaign to reintroduce medieval customs.

Historian Cordelia writes that a significant portion of society realized that industrialization and urbanization had led to the loss of innate British culture. Smith was able to capture the rise of the conflicting modernity of the time. That's why Smith is eager to put the wind in the sails of time.
Rows upon rows of church skyscrapers were considered a symbol of the 'Mother Church'. However, little was done to strengthen Miss Smith's faith and campaign. The bishop of Lincoln in the 13th century introduced a number of punishments to counter this belief and the misconceptions that arose.

In the 18th century, the daily routine of apprentices and housemaids in the Gloucestershire and Worcestershire areas was to go home. The purpose is the same, to meet their mothers. However, according to Professor Ronald, a historian at the University of Bristol, these visits were realistic. At the time, people in some parts of Britain were having a hard time. Because, the amount of food they deserved was meager enough; Life was relatively underdeveloped. It was the responsibility of the earning youth of the family to take care of their struggling parents. And as part of this care, 'Seminal Cake' was introduced.

The journey began with the naming of the word Simnell — Ancient A, a delicious recipe for Mother's Day. As the days go by, the color of the simple cake starts to change. The 19th century comes. The commemorative cake is becoming more and more attractive to the general public with its various nutritious and healthy ingredients. Simply put, this recipe was an easy solution to fill the stomachs of half-eaten parents. Because, it can be made fun and fast. Flowers, a symbol of beauty, and bahari cards filled with memorable pictures and writings are added as one of the celebrations.

Simnell Cake. Photo : Wikipedia

In particular, Anna welcomed wearing a white flower crown on her head to honor her mother's choice. However, Anna, who believes in innovation, could not hold on to her success for long. In a short time, he was boycotted by flower traders. He has to deal with no-confidence in confectionery and bakery cake-making, and even threats and intimidation from counter-revolutionaries. Anna herself understood the hollow commercialization of the idea. According to Miss Jarvis, printed cards are nothing more than a crop of lazy brains.

However, most of the people who have changed their minds over time today believe that the parents who have lost their children or those who have lost their mother can at least make this day special. As historian Cordelia points out, the day has become even more meaningful in the memory of the countless relatives who lost their lives prematurely in World War I. The day was officially recognized during the First World War. Smith died in 1938; But the seed of his success was sown. Mother's Day is celebrated with pomp and circumstance in all parts of the British Empire.

On the other hand, Anna's ambition reaches a point where she eventually regrets it. He wanted to declare this day a holiday. People did not agree to that. The result was the opposite, in 1943 he faced a government petition, which explicitly stated the cause of death of the day. The end of this ambitious woman's life was a great tragedy, five years later she died in poverty at the Marshall Square Sanitarium in Philadelphia.
Death may have physically removed him from the earthly world; But the victory of the good will in the heart of this pioneer woman is like a hero. Flower merchants and card companies that once neglected his invention eventually paid his unpaid hospital bills.

There is no end to the discussion about Mother's Day. There is a lot of criticism, but above all, there is so much hope that our selfless mothers should be evaluated. Stay well all the time, all mothers of the world.


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Written by   10
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Topics: Mother, Writings
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