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Fish-Meat from Plants!

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Veganism is gaining popularity all over the world. In order to reduce global warming and reduce the carbon footprint in nature, people are keen to reduce their dependence on animals for food and clothing. On the other hand, there is a growing interest in eliminating animal meat to reduce cruelty to animals. But that's why will the people who are greedy be deprived of the taste of beef, mutton, chicken or fish? An easy solution to these two crises was found in a recent episode of the video blog 'Nass Daily'. The video, which has been circulating around the world for five years, shows how animal meat can be produced without killing animals. It also highlights the unimaginable progress of various research on these topics worldwide.

The best salmon from plants

The best salmon from plants.

No matter how it sounds, it is true. Many were motivated to stop eating meat and become vegetarians in order to stop killing animals. They wanted no animal to be killed to provide food. That demand has been created with the priority of an Israeli organization called Plantish . Their tagline is 'Plants make the best fish', meaning plants can make the best fish! The CEO of this company, biologist Ofek Ron and his team have made salmon fish in the laboratory. And for that you didn't even have to touch the sea water. They have made salmon from vegetarian. This piece of fish made in the laboratory tastes like salmon. Even nutritional value is equal to that of marine salmon. "It's in the final stages of testing now," Ofek said. If we can market it, we will be the largest salmon supplier in the world without going down to sea or killing a single fish. '

The meat will come out on the printer

Salmon and shrimp are being prepared in the laboratory. Source:

Escher Bin- Shitrit , CEO of Redefine Meat , another Jerusalem -based company, is successfully preparing meat by mixing some of the flavors and aromas produced in the laboratory with vegetable ingredients. They recently organized a 'Blind Food Festival'. There they entertained 100 invited guests with various items of meat prepared in the lab. The meat was made on a printer that not a single guest could catch. On the contrary, after eating, most of the guests wrote, 'The food is satisfactory', 'Very good', 'Excellent', 'The saltiness in such and such curry has become a little less'!

Honey without bees

Honey is made without bees.

"B-IO" is making gallons and gallons of honey in the laboratory without any bees . Every honey in this company is like real honey in taste, quality and smell. They have already received approval to market this honey. "Believe it or not, we can give as much honey as the world needs," said Arif Divas, CEO of the company. And we don't need a bee for this. However, the price is a little higher, it will still take time to reach the common man.

Meat from chicken feathers

Chicken meat is made by collecting chicken feathers in Thailand. Sorat Kitibanthan and his team have made this seemingly impossible possible. Sorat wants to market this chicken as soon as possible by crossing all the formalities. There will be no bones, blood or anything else. There will only be chicken.

A whole shrimp from a single cell

Two scientists from Singapore have set up a shrimp farm. But there is no real shrimp. They make whole shrimp from a single shrimp cell. For this they expand the shrimp cell. Then add the necessary nutrients there. After a while it turns into a whole shrimp. Shiok Mitt's CEO said. Chhanda Sriram said it is animal friendly, eco-friendly, healthy. No antibiotics or hormones were used here.

Cow's milk without cows

'Unlimited' cow's milk from one molecule. Source:

Meanwhile, another Israeli company is making 'Unlimited' cow's milk from a molecule of cow's milk. It is chemically the same. Nutritious, healthy — just like cow's milk. Avim Wolf, co-founder of Remilk , said: “Our 900 kg cow has nothing to do with the milk production process. We can do that from a single molecule of milk. '

Chicken nuggets from chicken cells!

Kaimana Che, ambassador of 'Eat Just', said that they made chicken nuggets with a single cell. He said, 'A cell is first two, then four. In this way it becomes a very nutritious, delicious chicken meat. We make chicken nuggets with it. And our chicken nuggets are very popular in Singapore. ' Singapore is the first country in the world to approve the marketing of lab-made proteins.

Standing in 2022, you can eat animal protein without killing animals, without harming the environment. If this continues, various lab-made foods will hit the market in the next five years. Then you don't have to eat animal meat to save animals and environment. You can join the animal rights and environmental movement by associating animal tastes.

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