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Earn, if You Know How to Draw

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Graphic design is one of the most important part of visual communication. And so it is necessary to use graphic design for communication and marketing between different organizations and individuals. There are job opportunities as a graphic designer in various media, corporate organizations, publishing houses and other organizations. However, if one wants to work independently without working for an organization, there are plenty of opportunities for them to work as freelancers in various online marketplaces. If you have creativity, just doing digital drawing as a hobby can become your source of income.

One has to be very careful at the beginning of freelancing. Because, then the customer has to handle alone. Other than that, not all clients or clients, or not all projects may be good. Experienced freelancers can be consulted for their work experience and advice before starting freelancing.

What skills are required

Knowing how to work in Photoshop, Illustrator and Indie Design builds a career as a graphic designer. Must have an idea about typography. General ideas about HTML can increase your acceptance in different organizations.

What kind of work is available

Typically design tasks include logo design, brand guide making, business card making, web design, theme design, banner ad making, postcard-flyer making, poster design, infographics making, brochure design, t-shirt and mug design, product packaging, Product label design, book and magazine cover design etc. Apart from that, there are many other types of work including drawing games and cartoon characters.

Where work is available

There are various marketplaces for working online. Some of the notable ones are Fiber, 99 Design, Upwork, Freelancer, People Per Hour etc. Before starting work, you have to register in each marketplace and create a portfolio. Marketplace terms should be read carefully when registering. Keep your portfolio updated at all times.

Amount of remuneration

Depending on the type of work, the amount of wages in the marketplaces varies. Jobs that can be done in less time and with less work usually cost between 5 and 50 dollars. Available for 50 to 150 dollars for a medium type of work. And for a big project it is possible to get 150 to 500 dollars or more.

Maintain a good relationship with the customer

Maintaining a good customer relationship is a very important part of freelancing. Because, the remuneration is received from the clients. You have to create new clients through good work and try to get more new work from old clients. There is no need to do any project. Work should be done that will speed up the project career. However, if for some reason you cannot agree with the client about the work, the client should not do it politely. Must be professional and loyal at work.

Time and project management

When doing freelancing, you must explain your work to the client within the specified time. And when working with multiple projects at the same time, you have to be more careful about time. If the amount of work is more, the work should be submitted on time even with the help of others. Ensure efficient use of time and proper management of the project.

We have to learn from mistakes. You need to present your work nicely on different platforms, which will work for your marketing. We have to try to do better by accepting criticism. Freelancing is also a responsibility. If you want to do better in the future, you have to do it carefully, professionally and responsibly.

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