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Violence, blame, values, arrogance — the human dictionary is full of so many emotions. Again man is evil and satisfied in his various natures. Such is the nature of 'accusation', which can be against oneself and others. It is also alleged that many times the opposite party is given a chance to correct. But if someone is constantly complaining, then it must be understood that it has become a habit of the complainant. He needs to change himself to improve the situation. In that case, of course, it is much easier to try to change yourself than others.

No one is above faults. Everyone tends to complain more or less. When we complain about someone, we do not consider ourselves in the place of the accused in any way and do not even think or discuss the positive aspects of the person being accused.

But some people complain so much that it seems that this is his habit. The problem can be solved very easily if you analyze your own situation before making a complaint.

Experts are giving some similar solutions. They say, you have to understand yourself first. Find out if this happens to you:

  • 1. You consider your accusations to be real and logical, not complaints. So you logically complain about your points without even thinking once.

  • 2. You are your own worst critic and criticize yourself for everything. You can't take any mistake for granted. If someone reminds you of an event in your past, consider it your own failure.

  • 3. You can't hear your own praise. Embarrassed when someone compliments you. And cannot praise others in the same way.

  • 4. You get bored with everything and you have to ask the opposite question.

  • 5. You think of yourself as a perfectionist. I want to express it to others through my own work and words.

  • 6. You can’t take criticism lightly. You think others are trying to make you small in front of everyone. Again, you never try to correct those mistakes on your own.

  • 7. It is your habit to compare yourself with others. And always put yourself on the negative side. You think others are doing better than you.

  • 8. You think others are taking advantage of you all the time and using you.

  • 9. Friends are also not interested in inviting you to chat now. Maybe they are annoyed to hear your constant complaints and want to avoid you.

  • 10. Friends and relatives do not help or advise you in any matter. Because, they know you won't accept it.

  • 11. Even close friends and relatives are now advising you to realize yourself and asking you to stop complaining.

How much do you agree with yourself? Do you think you need to change yourself now? Experts have also told what to do in that case.

  • 1. Write it down on a piece of paper before constantly telling others about your complaint.

  • 2. Written? Now tell that to someone very close. But that revelation is only once. Never talk about it again.

  • 3. Find the positive side, not the negative side of the subject you are complaining about.

  • 4. Avoid those who constantly complain in front of you, as much as possible. Because, they have a bad effect.

Not much, try a few. You will surely succeed in this endeavor to change yourself. Then you will get a new one 'yourself'..


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Written by   10
1 year ago
Topics: Life, Writing
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