My Three Fur Bestfriends

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I am a parent now.

A parent of three four legged animals.

First is Mishi, she a dog. Second is Luna, a persian cat and lastly the maknae or the youngest which is Mingming.

Do you have a fur babies too? You can share them at the comment section down there! I would love to read them😁.

Can you imagine life without having a friend by your side? It's very difficult right? But having a pet is like having a bestfriend too.

It really made me wonder to whom I inherited my closeness to animals which I never saw to both of my parents that I grew up with in a same roof. Because the characteristics and the personality of a child are based on how they were raised, right?

As I remember back then, I think I was only 4 years old that time when I saw an abandoned kitten outside our compound where we're living before that is so tiny and can't barely walk due to her discharge on her eyes. I take her home with me and cleaned her body and face. Both my parents didn't agree for what I did, they always told me to let go of her because she might get poop anywhere in our house but I told them that I am the one who will responsible for everything and I still continue on taking care of her inspite of our situation with my parents on the same roof. I feed her with some of my left foods which I actually reserved for her before I eat. I imitate her meow and she always meow back at me haha. We always play together until one day, she didn't come back again. My parent's said that she might got eaten by a snake since we are near from a vacant lot which are said to be where all the caught snakes came from. I really so hard after that but few days after, one of my playmates told me he saw my cat from a street next to us. Until I figured out that my parents just took her to another place away from me so that we don't have a pet anymore.

They really hate having a pet. So why I am so opposite with them tho😅.

Let's move forward to my current pets.

Actually, I rescued one of them before and that was Mingming the youngest one. I think she is just a 2 week old that time when we found him crying in a vacant lot, wet and trembling due to rain and cold weather. We took him home again and feed him with warm milk. We thought he will going to die because he was so malnurished. I am happy to show you that this is him now! He is already a nine month old cat now and he's really playful.

Thankyou shopee! Hahaha

He loves sleeping and biting our hands once he became very energetic after eating. He loves to play with cockroaches as well.

Secondly, this is Mishi, our dog 🐶

She is so sweet, as in sweet like she always wants you to touch her, she wants to be with me all the time, she likes to kiss us in our face, she loves sleeping beside me, she always want to play with me, she will get mad at me everytime I pretend myself on ignoring her presence etc. she is indeed a clingy dog.

Our playtime ♡

And one of the best things of having a dog is you knew someone is very excited for you to comeback home. Nothing could fill the satisfaction of hugging your dog after a stressful day outside.

I always told to mishi all my problems, that's why if she could only talk... but I am contented that they're not capable to do that since she knows all my secrets and it should remain secret 😅. She loves to play with Mingming too.

Lastly is Luna.

He is actually a boy but my sister named him Luna because she thought he is a girl and we can't change his name anymore to our desired name because he is used to hear Luna everytime we call him, it would difficult for him to learn his new name anyway.

He is a persian cat, he can sleep the whole day. He is literally the unbothered king because he doesn't care at all in his surroundings once he found his perfect spot and start sleeping. One time, we saw him sleeping at the corner of our dirty keychain sleeping while the half of his body were already wet due to the water coming from the roof. He's still sleeping tho😂. He also loves to escape because he wants to go at our neighbors house who also owns a cat.

I don't care if they've done something wrong like destroying my things because I love them so much and it is normal to experience such things. What really matters is the joy they gave us every single day and most importantly is you love them and they love you too.


They're my stress relievers,

They're my happy pill,

They are my healers and they're my Bestfriends.

They are the most faithful person I have met in my entire life. The happiness they brought to me each day can't be measured. I love animals, they don't deserved to get hurt and to be killed. My heart really goes to these innocent animals and I love them more than human. I am very grateful because I have them especially at this time where I feel very tired and stress of becoming a human. I love them to the moon and back ♥♥♥

Thanks for Reading!

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Thank you!!

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2 years ago
Topics: Life, Animals, Pets