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I'm a type of student who...

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1 month ago

Can you still remember your very first day at school? I guess most of you can't remember it anymore but for my very first day in school, all I can still remember was I was crying. I don't care of how do I look like in front of my classmates because all I want that time was to go home. But then, after a few years I started to love going to school, started to love my classmates and teacher and also my school. I can say that school taught me a lot of things than other places I went, even in my own home. School helped get throughout of my comfort zone, helped me build my confidence and helped me improve my social life.

In this article I will share to all of you what kind of student I was during my school years. Some of you might get relate from one of these, so high five in advance 😂.

I am a type of student who prefers exam/quiz than recitations or presentation.

-The reason for this is that the moment I stepped in in front of my classmates my brain seems to have a system errors inside it. I can't say everything I've planned or practiced for once it's my turn to speak up in front. That is why I prefer taking written activites than having a presentations. I can express everything through writting such as my memorized terms during exams, my feelings through essays and poems. In fact, my classmates and my teachers back then really knows that I'm bad at speaking but I'm good in written activities as I've known to be one of those students who are always getting high score at exams and quizzes.

I am a type of student who are always late.

-Few years ago, the university where I'm enrolled at was only 5 minutes away from our house yet I'm still late everyday. I don't know either why I move so slow when I'm preparing myself every morning. I can't take a bath for five minutes, I can't eat my breakfast for five minutes and I can't do everything in the morning in just a short period of time. However, I need to change myself from being like this because it's not good at all especially once I get a job, and being late isn't being professional so have to remove it from my habits.

I am a type of student who loves to observe.

-Since I was quiet most of the time, my favorite thing to do in school was to observe. By being observant at school especially in our classroom, I've witnessed a lot of Pasipsip Moments of my classmates to our teachers, through observing I can already know what type of person my classmates are, I can say how true and how fake they're towards others too, I also know it first if someone are having a crush from one of my classmates, how they smiled at each other and how they become awkward in every presentations and groupings. Yes, I'm looking at them but I'm not jelous tho 😂.

I am a type of student who are a Lowkey Marites.

-I am also a lowkey marites at school back then. Everytime that someone from my classmates says something to one of my classmates too, I also get excited about it but after knowing it I mostly kept it within me or sometimes I share it too to someone I am really close with. The lowkey marites inside me are being awaken when there is a fight in our classroom and chismis makes it most exciter if the conflict was involving by my girl classmates. But as of now, I'm no longer a marites because I'm at the point where I am literally IDGAF at everything around me, and knowing how peaceful it is, I don't have a plan to go back from being marites since it doesn't helped me after all.

I am a type of student who's a teacher favorite when it comes to graded recitation

-This is what makes me wonder most of the time, like among the 50 students in a class why do I always picked or chose to answer their questions. Like, I don't even know why I am so lucky at this thing but when it comes to prices, money or even crypto airdrops I am so unlucky. Though sometimes I answered them correctly but that is just sometimes. I guess when god created me, he only put a drop of luckiness onto my bowl that's why this is the result, I am destined to be picked in recitation just to answer the question that I don't even know the answer LOL just kidding.

How about you, what type of student you were?

Thanks for Reading!

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Have a great day wonderful people ♡.

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Written by   22
1 month ago
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I can't say myself a smart and intelligent and hard working student but I always brings good marks and I topped almost every exam since childhood. Just like you I like quize , competitions but I hate exams, I never want to miss my class. Best of luck to you Happy journey

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1 month ago

Same I think my intelligent are for written activities only 😅 thanks BTW 😊

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1 month ago