"She Stole My Coins" Chapter 3: Seducing A Whale

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Ending of Chapter 2

She reached for her phone to try and sell a couple coins on LocalBitcoins.  She had to wait until a Bitpay card arrived before she could sell any.  Coinbase also had her waiting.  For now, she could sell to people buying BCH on Localbitcoins or she could make a post offering to sell BCH.  First, she had to send some coins over to the site in order to sell them.  She opened up the BCH wallet on her phone.


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Chapter 3: Seducing a whale

I guess this is karma coming back tenfold for not returning the phone to its rightful owner.  Securing the BTC in a new wallet is something she needed to do as soon as possible.  By now Chris has left the city and is on his way to spend that Bitcoin Cash.  She wasn’t really bothered that much by him stealing the BCH since she had BTC.  It was worth way more but will probably be harder to cash out.

Victoria’s mind began to race with all the new possibilities this BTC will give her.  She downloaded a brand-new wallet and made copies of her private key.  She will not be fooled again under any circumstance.  She wondered how many other people had crypto just sitting on their phones.  Probably not many but maybe she was sure many would have it on their laptops or desktops.  This was starting to make her have bad thoughts and an evil plan was starting to form in her head she just didn’t know it yet.

She had signed up to many different exchanges in order to be able to cash out the BTC so her inbox was flooded with all sorts of spam mail on crypto.  One particular email caught her eye.  There was going to be a big Blockchain event happening in Manhattan this weekend with some very notable people.  She knew she was going to go to this event.  She just had to be around other people that were into crypto.  She knew exactly what she had to do.  She was going to make a very big entrance at the event.  The Crypto world was about to be introduced to the newest player in the space. 

After about a couple hours Victoria was able to sell about 100k in Bitcoin.  She really couldn’t believe she had 100k off of a phone she found in an Uber.  She still had a major stash of BTC left that made her a millionaire.  I guess it’s time to start spending.

After about a week of lavish spending Victoria was ready to go to the Blockchain gathering.  She looked the part.  She rented a fancy sports car that she couldn’t pronounce and was wearing designer clothing from head to toe.  She was aiming to leave the men at this event speechless.  She had one goal and one goal only.  Get one of these rich crypto guys to invite her over for the night.  Tonight, she will become the biggest threat to whales all over the world.

The event was being held at the Jacob Javits center.  From what she heard the people behind the event were about to launch a brand new blockchain.  They had lots of money to spend which was noted by the speakers scheduled to attend.  One person she recognized was Hip Hop mega star 50 cent.  I’m pretty sure he charged them a pretty penny to attend the event.  The admission fee was 5k and 10k for VIP access.  Guess which ticket Victoria had.

Victoria hired a chauffeur to drive her in her rented Koenigsegg Agera.  She rented a red and black one which was sure to be noticed when she pulled up to the Javits center.  She picked up the car earlier in the day and had it sitting out front.  I am sure at least 1000 people have taken selfies in front of the car.  Guess this might work out after all.

The chauffeur finally arrived dressed in a black tuxedo just like she ordered.  She walked up to him and couldn’t help but chuckle inside as she noticed him checking her out.  She had on a hot pink Louis Vuitton dress that couldn’t possibly be any smaller.  Her hair was tied up and she was wearing a diamond necklace that lit up the entire block.  Her plan to look like money was definitely working out.

“Hi, my name is James.  I will be your chauffeur for the night.  Which car will we be driving tonight?” said the chauffeur with a hint of excitement in his voice.

“That one. My name is Claire by the way.” Victoria said as she pointed to the hottest car on the block.

“That’s a Koenigsegg Agera!!! Are you some type of celebrity?” James shouted.

“No, I just like money now let’s get going I don’t want to be late.”  She didn’t want to miss a single second of this event.  She had her eyes on the prize.  She couldn’t leave any sort of trail which is why she will be going by Claire tonight. 

James opened the door to let Victoria get in the backseat.  As he hopped in the driver seat Victoria lit up a blunt of Sour Diesel.  The entire car instantly became overpowered by that strong skunky smell.  James coughed as he inhaled secondhand smoke.  He was definitely not a smoker.  She inhaled deeply taking the weed smoke into every crevice of her lungs.  She needed to be relaxed in order to be successful tonight.  It was going to be the first time she ever targeted men for nothing more than to rob them.  Her mother would not be proud at all, but Victoria did not care.  She was on a mission to make as much money as possible by any means necessary.

They arrived at the convention center on time.  Sitting outside were many foreign cars but nothing as exotic as the one she was riding in.  James pulled up right to the front and put the car in park.  He opened the door for Victoria to get out.  There was a nice size crowd gathered outside and everyone was focused on the fancy car and who it might belong to.  Time seemed to stop as Victoria stepped out of the car.  Dozens of camera flashes began to go off and everyone had their phones out recording.  They must be wondering who she was.  Things were getting interesting indeed.

As she walked to the entrance, she noticed James walking behind her.  She only had one ticket and was not about to pay to get him in.

“I am going to need you to wait in the car for me thank you.” She turned around and walked away leaving James standing there awkwardly.

After showing the gentleman at the door her VIP pass, she walked in.  She was greeted by a tall woman holding a tray of champagne glasses.  Victoria grabbed one and proceeded to walk inside.  Jazz music could be heard playing in the background as she walked over to the main area.  The convention center was huge.  There must have been at least 1,000 people in attendance.  Now comes the hard part, figuring out who she was going to try and target.

She scanned the room and noticed a lot of men in oversized suits and cheap shoes.  She was looking for the guy with expensive taste.  The guys who spent just as much as she did on her outfit.  That would be the kind of guy that would be careless with his crypto.  At least that is what she believed.  A group of people began to laugh pretty loud towards the back of the room, and that’s where she saw him.  The mark.  Her first target or so she hoped.

The man in the center of attention was dressed to impress.  His suit was tailored to perfection and the Presidential on his wrist made it all come together.  She walked toward the small crowd and locked eyes with him long enough to grab his attention.  She made her way to the bar and ordered herself a drink.

“Excuse me miss is this seat taken?” The man was now standing right next to her.

“No, it’s not as long as you’re not a weirdo.” She chuckled and took a sip of her drink.

“That’s good because I’m only a weirdo on Tuesdays.”  The man said hoping that it would make her laugh.

“Okay bad joke. Let me try again.  Hi, my name is Walter let me buy you a drink for having to endure my bad joke.”

They both began to laugh hysterically. 

“Ok now how can I say no to that.  I will take another rum and coke.” Her eyes lit up as she saw him take a seat.  Her heart was pounding on her chest and she could feel the adrenaline rushing through her body.  This is it.  The moment she had been waiting for.

“So, what is your name and what brings you to this event.” Walter asked as he motioned over the bartender.

“My name is Claire and I am trying to meet like minded people in the crypto space.” She said.

“So, when did you first hear about Bitcoin.” He said just as the bartender walked up.

“Can I get to Double Rum and Cokes please.” He handed the bartender a 100-dollar bill. “Keep the change.  So where were we.”

“Well I first heard of Bitcoin when my younger brother started ranting about it a couple years ago.  He forced all of us to start running our computers 24/7.  Next thing you know a couple years go by life does as well.  My brother ended up in prison for getting into a bar fight last year.  That’s a very long story.  So, my brother writes me a letter about how he needs me to gather up the Bitcoin from my computer.  He sent instructions and everything.  Well surprise there was a nice amount of Bitcoin on that computer I kept on all those years.  Now I know that he was mining all that time.  I was the only person in my family that kept the computer running and still had access to it.  So that’s how I heard of Bitcoin.”  Victoria was shocked at how good of a story she was able to come up with on the fly.

“Wow I hope you still have all that Bitcoin.” Walter said sounding like he didn’t believe her story.

“Well of course I don’t have all of them.  How else am I supposed to look this fabulous?” she chuckled and stared into his eye.

“So now you have to tell me what you are doing here.  Do you always buy women drinks at these things?” It was time to turn up the heat and make Walter sweat.

“Well my story is very similar but different at the same time.  You see I started mining Bitcoin around the same time as your brother with my computer.  Only difference is I kept up with the times and upgraded my hardware to keep up with competition.  I only sold BTC to buy new equipment and paid my expensive electric bills with earnings from my full-time job.  That allowed me to stack my coins and invest in projects early like Litecoin and Ether.  So, you can say I’m what you call internet rich.”  He puffed out his chest as he said that last sentence. 

“Wow that is an amazing story.  Did you always believe that Bitcoin would be where it is today?”  She asked trying to keep the conversation going.

They spoke for hours at the bar not moving an inch.  After drinking one too many drinks Victoria was a little more drunk than she wanted to be.  She knew it was only a matter of time before he invited her back to his place.  She didn’t know if she could really go through with this.  So, she brought back up with her.

“So, you want to keep this party going or what?” He asked as he stumbled on the stool.

She clutched her purse feeling around for her back up hoping she didn’t forget it at home.  She felt it and she was relieved.  This will do the trick just fine.

“Do you have drinks at your place?” She asked him.

“Of course, sweetheart.”

“Great let’s get out of here.”

The walked to the door as she held her back up plan in her purse.  These roofies should do the trick!

To be continued…

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This story is getting more and more interesting. Waiting for the next one!

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Thanks!!!! Will be writing a lot more.

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