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​​​Uptrennd is a site that pays us for our engagement.

It's one of the best online earning site I have ever seen. This is a platform for all the creative people to show their creativity and polish their abilities.

Uptrennd provides opportunity to everyone from every country, religion and caste. Here we can meet variety of people to know about their traditions and culture.

Uptrennd provides all the writers to enhance their abilities and improve their writing skills.

We can select different communities according to our intrest and can share our ideas with everyone.

And for everything we do, we get rewarded with points 💫

These points are in the form of 1up tokens.

We can make a post on Uptrennd by selecting the relative community. Whenever someone likes/Upvote our post , we can get 1up. We can also comment on other posts to encourage and guide, if someone likes our comment then we will get 1up . When any @Gaurdian upvotes our post it is more valuable and with more Number of 1up.

Uptrennd also has daily reward system that is 10 1up for completing normal tasks like visiting posts. I have joined Uptrennd in August 2020 and I am proud to be a part of this platform. I have earned on Uptrennd during pandemic. Here's my withdrawal proof.

Fluctuations in price of cryptocurrency happens on daily basis, We must always support this platform and our 1up 💫Uptrennd has given us so much and is still giving. It's our turn to give something in return. Support your platform ✨

Uptrennd also has telegram channel to support and guide it's users where admins are always active for help.

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