Sunset and Flowers

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On September 21, 2023, I went to my friend Haider's village. Haider's village is three kilometers away from my village. I insisted to Haider that we should go somewhere and he said that there is no place to go in my village.

The beauty of a village is its fields. That's why I said, let's see the fields.Both of us were riding the bike when we saw a flower garden in a field.

On reaching this garden, I said to Haider that Haider stop your bike i want to see the garden.

It's Melaleuceae which you are seeing in the below image. Honestly I was also not aware of the name. But maybe you are scratching your head that how I go to know the name of plant. So the secret is that I used Google search engine.

When I was capturing photos I was thinking that house strong colours nature has provided to earth. Whenever we focus on nature we always remains speechless.

Have you ever wonder that why we become speechless when we see the beauty of nature? Yes I got answer because nature is actually the art of an artist and that Artist is God.

I was working around these beautiful trees and while I was working I asked my friend "who owns this Garden?" He replied me that there is pharmacist in the village who has planted all these plants and trees because it's his hobby.

Crape myrtle was looking so beautiful. I must admit time was the best to work through this beautiful garden.

Jatropa was shy because it was not opening his wings fully. You can see it's but I still close. It will take time and days to bloom but yes there was one flower which was fully bloomed.

Leaves of the flowers were looking sad to me they were showing the rough side maybe they were waiting for the Rain drops to fall. I hope that someone will soon come and water them.

There was a pine tree which was standing tall and looking prominent in all the trees and plants. Interestingly I got the reason that why he was standing told because he was keeping an eye on every plant and on every tree.

Hibiscus flower was also there but he was two side to show his face to me. Well I also did not invade his privacy because as usual I respect privacy of everyone.

Sun was saying goodbye to the people of Earth. It was not totally dark but I knew that it will be going to dark soon that's why my friend called me. He was calling me Taha, Taha come back it's time to go back.

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