Nothing is repugnant

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1 year ago

Yesterday, after getting up from my bed.I planned to read an article from newspaper because reading newspaper is crucial for a person as he or she can get basic knowledge of what is happening around in the world.

I am a student of bachelor degree and I really want to improve my English vocabulary. That could be the one reason of my passion to read newspaper. By the way I was always lover of newspaper from my childhood but back and that time I was not fond of political plus environmental news. I always thought of becoming an actor or model but time was taking its own way and I became a different person but till now, those thoughts are crouched in my head. Those thoughts are still present. I still think about actors life and model's life but not to that extent.

In this age I really want to read some environmental issues and I really want to bring awareness in my society regarding different issues.

So, I chose a strong word today which is "repugnant" it's really peculiar and eire word. Yesterday, i read this word in Dawn newspaper in it's editorial page.

Obviously, this was totally strange and new word for me. So, I googled it and searched the meaning. The word means extremely hateful thing or action. It was first time when I was reading such word for hateful action or thing. But meagerly, we use "bad" for such things. Because, our word and intensity of explaining things is low.

Afterward, I thought for hours, that in which context we can use such word. I start thinking about myself. I questioned my mind and tried to collect the wisdom that "is their any person I hate the most?" Or thing?"

Answer was might be. I was baffled with my question and with my answer. My mind was like a web where spider was unable to get out of his own web. There could be a hateful thing but I cannot use "repugnant" word for such things. I think, God has created everything for a purpose. Things and actions might go trackless but it doesn't mean those are wasted. There is always sparkle living inside.

So I cannot say repugnant to anything. These are narratives, views, explanation which make things or action repugnant.

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1 year ago


Before I also read the newspaper every morning but now it is not much popular in our place as online news has been emerging. Articles from newspapers are also the best as you could learn more about it.

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1 year ago