Imam Bari Shrine's Architecture

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2 months ago
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It's been almost two months when I went to Islamabad. Main purpose was just to attend scholarship ceremony but amid that ceremony I got chance to pay a visit on shrine of Imam Bari.

The Architecture of shrine is brain candy for architect admirers. Even if a person is not a religious he still stops to admire the beauty of shrine.


Upper level of interior is lined with beautiful and different colours tiles which increases the beauty of tomb.

Tomb is unique with amalgamation of South Asian and Muslim architectural design. The tomb was built in 17th century under the reign of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb.

The tomb has intricate and yet beautiful architectural work. Tiles of white, green, brown and dark brown colour has increased the attractiveness of the tomb.

Shrine gives a decent vibe of Islamic culture through beautiful calligraphy of Quranic verses.


Upper level of interior is extremely beautiful with different colour tiles which are arranged in a decorative manner. The design of tiles looks intricate but it adds up into the beauty of tomb.


Shrine looks even more impressive with tall minarets. Moreover, you will amazed to see large numbers of pillars which have provided the support to beautiful architecture of the shrine. The one more fascinating thing is the repetitive design which follows a proper sequence.<center>


I have this amazing opportunity that I can visit this beautiful architectural site any time I wanted to visit because it is very close to my university. Every day, hundreds of visitors come to pay visit to shrine.


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Topics: Architecture, Design, Visit, Tour, Trip, ...


The architecture of these places is really beautiful. I fell in love thanks to a Spanish series called "el tiempo entre costuras". It makes you want to go and visit.

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Beautiful pictures of Islamabad

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