How to spend weekends?

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Hello guys I hope you all are doing great and may be most of you would be happy because it is now weekend. Weekend is a great time to cherish because we get free time after a week. Whole week we remain busy in doing our work wether it is studies, job or anything else.

On weekend people do different activities but I will mention those things which are adopted by successful people. Which should be adopted by all of us.

Disconnect :

Disconnecting with phones and other electronic gadgets (which are indulging in our life and our life is just surrounded by these things) should be necessary and I think it would be a great activity if we don't use mobile on our weekend and it would be a milestone in itself. If we observe our one day , you can might see that we spend our whole day on mobile or on laptop which is very bad. So break from phone would be a wonderful thing if we do on this weekend and I hope that we all will enjoy this.


Human is social creature and he could not live with interacting with other people. If we socialize it will give us a broader picture regarding a particular concept and will groom ourselves give us knowledge about other people.

Time spend with family:

Whole week , we remain busy with our assigned work and we get not enough time to spend with our family but on weekend as we have time so we should live with our family it will give us relief and mental peace. Because family is priority among all relations.

Gardening :

Gardening would be good option for weekend. By planting plants we feel satisfaction because in this way we get interacted with nature which always gives us soothing effect and our mind get peace.

Cooking :

Cooking is also a hobby just like gardening but people could not carry on their hobby due to their busy routine work. You can do your hobby at weekends. Girls usually love to do cooking but this custom is now getting diminished because now girls remain busy but they can do cooking on weekends and can learn different food items.


If you want to get a good body shape and could not do exercise for a week then at least you can do exercise on weekends. Exercise are really good to relief ones mind. Exercise not only shapes your body but has a great effect on your stress situation and helps you to handle stress.

Recharge :

Recharge is necessary for us at weekends we should do such activities at weekends which can keep our mind fresh and relaxed because from Monday we again have to join the same routine.

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For successful people, network is not just connecting with new people it is included in their lifestyle and they carry it with swag which suits them so much. It becomes part of their life. They not feel hesitant while connecting with new people infact they always remain excited when they are supposed to connect with people.

Sketching :

Sketching is best hobby for me although I could not do it but my sister does with so elegance and I could not stay away from praising her art work. She had done so many great works and all of them she has sketched at weekends so if you passionate for sketching you can do that on weekends.

Do not waste time:

Most of us! Just spend our weekends by just watching TV and do nothing. We should keep in our mind that " time and tide wait for none" we should not take our time just for granted. We should value and should live every moment in productive way that we feel proud of whatever we have done.

Life is too little and we should not just spend it by laying down we should have dreams in our eyes and should struggle for our dreams. This world has no place for those who are aim less. Aim is the one thing which keeps us alive in the world. The time in which we are spending days is very competitive environment and here only those people could stay who knows the terms of competition and are determined.

Dreaming big is not bad. But giving up is bad. We should remain passionate and should not take care about what people are saying. Keep in mind that people always remain in complaining mode because when they could not reach at the level where you are standing then they only can do one thing which is " criticism " and it is easiest thing for them to do. We should just remained passionate about our dreams

Thanks guys for reading my writing I hope I have not wasted you five minutes and you obtain some knowledge

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