Hopes Were Tightening Her Neck

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As the sun rose on the horizon, it became clear what had happened.Golden hues of sun were giving melancholic echoes.Tears were welling in lids of her eyes and it was time when ocean will be flooded out. She was drumming her hands on steering wheel,fingers moving in perplexity.Eyes fell on the black cat mapping on the road but she was not eyeing that cat, infact she was dwelled in the thoughts of her mother,husband,divorce and other entangled things.

After gathering hope, she went into hospital, but her mother was living last breaths of her life. Her mother's soul went to another world in just her one blink.

She yelled "My Divorce engulfed the life of my mother".

She was coming back to her mother after getting divorce and her mother could not uplift the pain of her daughter.

Walking in desperate manner, mumbling,she came out of hospital where cat was staring her and it was raining. Rain proved an assistance to her as it was removing sign of her cries but slaps of fortune was so deep to remove from her heart and life.

She sat on bench with dried desert of hopes. Now tears were rolling down her cheeks and her eyes were fainting as her fortune.

She was questioning her life! Why she never be a lover of someone. Expectations, crouching behind thoughts, were crying. Heart was sinking along with all expectations she had from her life.

In her head, she was recalling all those yelling tones of her husband,wish to become a mother, wish to become a good daughter.

All hopes were tightening her neck so hard that she gave her breathes in the hands of hopes and she died too. Cat crossed the road and eyed back to her but she was dead now.

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Topics: Fiction, Story, Girl, Women, Life, ...