Earn $SPOT a new cryptocurrency on publish0x

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Publish0x is a blogging website which encourage you to write and you can earn cryptocurrency by writing up articles.

Previously it was using two cryptocurrency Ethereum & AMPL. But just a couple of days back publish0x appeared with a new token (a new cryptocurrency on platform) which brought a wave of happiness with it.

How to win $SPOT on Punlish0x?

Basically there are three ways to earn $SPOT on publish0x. Publish0x brought this opportunity for all the users either they are readers or authors. Everyone can actively take part in it. At first, if you don't have a publish0x account you should go on Google & make your account there. The process to make account on punlish0x is very simple there is no difficult thing in it. The ways to make SPOT from publish0x are elaborated below.

1- 50X $2 rewards

To get this reward on publish0x you have to rank up the post (article) on publish0x. You can rank up the article of any user (author) which you want. If doing this you have to take screenshot of screen & directly have to go on Twitter. There you have to share screenshot and you have to mention your user name (which you have on publish0x) plus have to mention $SPOT & publish0x in your tweet. Let me give you an overview of my tweet:

This is my first contest In which I am taking part and I am curious about it. I have posted my tweet. You can check this tweet by searching on Twitter. My username on Twitter is tahaintazar.

2-SPOT the meme contest

The total reward is $300 in this contest. You can take part in this contest by sharing best memes on Twitter. The one tweet which will be very accurate will get highest reward but don't worry they have mention that everyone will get reward from this contest if they have participated.

3-100X supertip

There is 100x supertip available on punlish0x. But chances to get this are rare it does not means that you cannot get. In every 1000 reward 333rd would be 100x supertip. So just imagine how exciting this season and contest is. This is new year pre celebration contest going on punlish0x. You cannot decide that in which cryptocurrency you are going to tip a person it is already decided by platform. So it's more for lucky users. But you can get this if you are active ☺️.

So please don't waste time & hurry up to take part in contest.

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