Competition is about improvement

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Since we born we heard to go ahead of others. Even all of us have learned that we all are born by passing a competitive environment between a different sperms cells. In this way many people try to convince that the basic of a human is actually the competition environment.

even when we step into schools we learn the theories of evolution. In Darwin theory of evolution, we learned that the one who passed the competition is now the successor but those species who failed to pass that a competitive environment became extinct.

After passing our school and colleges, when I stepped into University and i studied the subject of business studies then there I explored the concept of S.W.O.T.

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It stands for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threat.

Let me give you an overview of S. W.O.T analysis which is a technique which every business person should know. Even he should follow it in his business. This all things matter a lot. If a person wants to grow his business he should know the strength of his business so that he can make margin on the basis of those strengths. Secondly weaknesses are as much important as strengths because it reminds you that there is still a room for improvement. Thirdly, Opportunities open the door for you to follow the trend or to set the trend. You can be trend setter in the market. There always remain opportunities in business sectors but the main struggle is to find those opportunities. Lastly, Threats talk about the main thing which is competition.

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When it comes with threats then we should know the strength weaknesses of the other party which is in competition with us. The real competition actually lies in improvement. Competition does not mean that we should get jealousy from other party. It also does not mean that we should ruin the status of our competitors. In fact competitors are the one who are reason for our improvement.

If there will be no competitors then businesses will be extractive. But on the other hand with competitive environment Businesses are growing inclusively. This means that power is not in the hand of just few businesses.

We should take competition just for the sake of improvement.

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In fact I think that a person should do competition with his previous day when we work for the better tomorrow then we will improve. Surely this improvement is the real struggle and competition.

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I think that while building the mind set of people about competition there is a big hand of educational institutions. Schools, colleges and universities should provide such concepts of competition which are different from the old one. They should teach the students that competition is for improvement.

It's true that from our school age we always learn that there is only one winner. But instead of saying this we should not even announce one winner and we should say that every one is winner. There are so many resources so everyone can use it.

Moreover, when it comes to usage of resources there are so many people who extract much resources in comparison to other people. This is what we call smart work or hard work.

It is all about the mind set. I even believe that if a person is poor or rich it is only due to the mind set of the person. Because in the market there are equal opportunities. The difference is just that the poor people fails in the journey to reach that point. In fact the poor failed to follow the journey. Let me say this that the poor people are mostly remain uneducated and when they remain uneducated they cannot meet the criteria of so many opportunities. But on the other hand reach people became reach because they know where are opportunities and how to excel. In short I just want to say that it is just mind's game.

Struggle always gives reward.

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Competing with yourself can be a motivational strategy to improve and grow. Setting personal goals and challenging yourself to surpass your previous achievements can lead to self-improvement. However, it's essential to strike a balance and avoid becoming overly self-critical. Remember to celebrate your progress along the way.

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