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What is metaverse?

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Metaverse is 3D word which is made totally artificially in which you can see anything you do in your life but everything would be artificial. The makers of metaverse has claimed that it would be replace of Internet world. Meta is composed of two birds one is meta which is Greek word and it means and universe is from the English which means universe and the whole meaning of the term is beyond universe simply it means that everything would be artificial and it is artificial world.

There is another similar concept which you have might listen and that is of multiverse which also been discussed scientifically which means so many universe are in exsistance.

Internet as artificial world:

Internet is also considered as an artificial world but when we go through internet and other two dimensional screen you can access internet whether through your laptop or from your mobile and on internet you search things which are of your interest. The question which arise here is that how metaverse is different from internet so meta words is 3D and Internet is two dimensional 3D means when you observe the things in metaverse you feel that you are inside and you are observing the incidents.

History of metaverse!

This term metaverse was firstly used in a book named as snow crash in 1992 in which author tag about dystopian world in which the real world has been destroyed and the world was not livable anymore. Although this novel highlights the term metaverse but it highlights in a negative lime light. He also talked about that how the people are living in their rooms and they are not going outside because outside everything has been destroyed and nothing is enjoy able so they are living a like living in metaverse.

  • In 2003 the term was used for second time in second life game in which people meet virtually and make avatars and particularly the term observe also get popularized .

  • The term avatar was also first time come in use in the book snow crash and avatar is basically a word from Sanskrit and hindi language .

  • The avatars are widely used in this three dimensional metaverse world which is considered to be your animated look which one uses in that world.

  • Avatar helps the people in this verse to creat their own character which their own skills and they can design themselves in any way which they want to.

  • Later on when in 2009 avatar came the term again gain the hype and it is getting popular among people.

Facebook and meta company :

In recent times , Facebook decided to change the name of their company which is controlling and handling all the system of Facebook and named that company meta even it is also running Instagram and WhatsApp also . It is making grip over almost social media platforms .

Mark describes the metaverse in a way that "Anything you can do which you imagine" means it is life in which you can imagine anything and you can get access anything in your is far away from reality.

Technology usage:

The company is using different type of technology in making metaverse.

Virtual reality technology:

The virtual reality technology is such a technology in which you see the virtual images but you feel that those person those people are real. And for the realisation a person has to wear headset. Those headsets are so much heavy to wear because now that technology is not so much modern and maybe it will improve in the future it might be replaced by the glasses. Also the animation quality is not good nowadays but it will improve.

Argumentative reality:

It is also a type of technology in which we can add some visual elements in real world which are not existed before. A simple example is Pokemon game and the Google glasses which were introduced in 2013 and 2014 which shows are snap and different type of things through the glasses.

5 G technology:

As in metaverse there is so much data which have to download at one time and for doing so there should be high speed of internet and it could only be possible when one has 5G speed of internet so it is possible that metaverse will obviously have 5G internet speed.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain:

As the matter verse is not the real world it is the world of imagination so digital crunches play a big roll in this verse. Because anything which we buy are anything which we do which caused for us and we pay it in different type of cryptocurrency and if any type of security require it would be done by the help of blockchain.

Role of NFTs:

NFTs are non fungible tokens , and these will be used for the ownership of the digital assets in the meta verse. NFT are recently used for buying of meme and different type of art etc. There are also so many concerts has a occurred in metaverse like of Ariana in September 2021.

When we get metaverse?

The question which raise here is when we can get metaverse so according to Mark Zuckerberg who has the ownership of this project he claims that it may take almost five years to complete the whole project and to finalize the whole infrastructure of the metaverse but other critics says that it may take so many years because it is a big project which can not be completed overnight .

Critical question?

Will the project of metaverse be successful or not? The answer of the question is now is just "silence " because time will decide what will happens .According to the critic it is not our need it is just like Google glasses which look great and give cool vibe but these were quite bothersome .Why did they fail in getting high audience one reason is their battery time was low of three hours and also they record everything there were privacy issues so after that so many countries started banning these glasses for different reasons.Try out for just single time look cool but realistically it has no such base like whenever a person has to meet his friends then there are so many other platforms like WhatsApp and have video calling systems, why they just have to go through the metaverse to meet their friends. History shows that the technology which is easier to use always get popular and can get high audience. Some time back three dimensional glasses were also introduced to watch three dimensional movies and the idea was not successful because it was quite eire to wear the glasses and watch the movie , people always want to be real in everything .That is also the reason that why three dimensional movies production is getting low.

The second point is metaverse is only the mind verse there is no reality based things it is also a type of fakeness. As it record everything so there will also be privacy and data hacking problems which have to face by many users . The company will also track your every move which you do in the metaverse and same they will hold on your mind like they will show only that content which you are interested .

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Written by   94
3 months ago
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I was not familiar with all the information which u have shared in this article it is great about metaverse

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