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Abra wallet CPRX token farming

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5 days ago

Hi everyone

Today I want to share about the Abra wallet reward token that gives to it's user for every trade that you made or by putting your crypto in to the earn interest portion.

I'm not promoting this wallet I just want to share the good side of using this.

Refer a friend and both of you can earn 25$ in CPRX

To everyone who can invite a new user and verify their account and deposit atleast 15$ and hold it for 30days they will both receive 25$ worth of CPRX token just like that for holding your 15$ deposit for 30days to Abra wallet.

For example you have 1127.43 CPRX token you have already have a 100k+ pesos or 2046.45usd

But the 25$ reward token is can be higher or lower than the said price reward base on the token value until the pending reward is reflect to your balance after 30days.

For example you receive 58.54 CPRX and you see it as a pending reward you don't know if the price is the same as the 25$ reward that they say because the market is can go up or down.

If a new user don't have a 15$ to deposit to earn 25$ reward there is another way to earn free CPRX token.

New user that first time to use Abra wallet that deposit atleast 1$ and hold it for atleast 1days can earn 15$ worth of CPRX token reward.

This is a win win situation for everyone that want to farm new token.

Every trade that you made has a reward based on the value of your trade the more you trade the more you can earn 2.5% reward cprx token.

As of today the price of the CPRX token is 60.43php or 1.24usd.

If you don't want to use Abra wallet as a trading you can earn CPRX by holding your coins and putting it to Earn interest they are 10 coins that you can use to earn interest.

You can use earn interest if you don't want to trade your assets.

I hope this can help for anyone who wants to join to Abra community.

You can check the twitter actually of the CEO of Abra wallet.

you can join to Abra community on telegram

If are interested to join to Abra

You can use my referral code




just click the link and you are redirect to the playstore.

I am not promoting Abra research 
before putting your money to any 
crypto exchanger or wallet.

Thanks for reading.

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Written by   11
5 days ago
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