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Written by   40
8 months ago

I saw a girl

We were just at the same age

I saw sadness in her eyes

She looke pale and depressed

But she was a great pretender

She comports other people

But not herself

She can advice what others what to do

But can't apply those in her life

She is happy go lucky girl

But inside her was a crying soul screaming for help

To help her get out from the darkness

To help her find the light

Her heart was stabbed with hurtful words

Her heart was broken by people she loves

She looks Okey

She is definitely pretty fine

She is good at hiding her pain

No one comforts her

No one cares for her

She was taken for granted

She is not happy

She was unloved

She was helpless

And that girl I saw

Was the girl I facing in front of the mirror

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Written by   40
8 months ago
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Your grammar really needs way more attention. Too many failures dear. Still I think this is something good you wrote. 🍀

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8 months ago

Ok.and thank you.

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8 months ago