[TERROR] The talking skeleton

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When your car starts to fail and shuts down, we could consider it something common. But, having your car shut down at 3:00 a.m. in front of a cemetery is disturbing to say the least.

I was returning to my apartment after dropping my girlfriend off at her place. It was freezing that night. The weather app was forecasting totally cloudy skies and some precipitation that night. The wind was whistling and, on the horizon, the sky was lit up with some lightning.

A drop of water hit my windshield and then another and another.

At that moment I realized I was passing by my hometown cemetery when, all of a sudden, my car began to convulse. Okay, great, I thought. This is all I was missing.

My car turned off. I turned it back on. Ten seconds passed and it stopped again.

Enraged at the situation I was in, I hit the steering wheel and then put my head on the back of the seat. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes trying to think of what I would do next.

I was on a completely deserted and almost dark street.

I open my eyes and see through the glass something coming towards me. I don't know what it is. It looks like a dog. It is far away maybe 50 meters away. I keep watching... No, it's not a dog. I keep watching...

A clap of thunder broke the silence and a flash of lightning illuminated the sky. The figure became more visible now I can see it better. It has a humanoid shape. Is it wearing all-white clothes? I wondered.

I keep looking through the glass.

What is a person doing walking in the middle of the street on a night like this? I continue to wonder.

I'm starting to feel uncomfortable, you know?

I keep watching...

Closer. I have no doubt, it's a human form.

It's getting closer. Oh, my god. This thing has no eyes.

Until I saw it completely. A skeleton? WTF, is this real? I asked myself.

Yes, it's real. I'll be damned if it isn't.

My heart began to race and a strange chill began to run down my back.

A walking skeleton. Fantastic, only me and Daffy Duck have these things happen.

It walked like a rapper. He was just swinging one arm giving him that characteristic style (as if his foot hurt and he couldn't step right). I could tell he was a skeleton with a great walking style. His teeth gave the impression that he was always laughing.

I'm trapped - I thought -. I can't do anything.

Fuck, it's just four meters away. The skeleton slows down and starts staring at me. As if the evil thing was me. Haha, this is the last straw.

He passes by the right side of my car and stops right at the passenger door. He's looking at me through the window.

I'm in shock. I'm totally paralyzed.

Suddenly, the skeleton, sticks out its index finger and touches the window glass. Knock - knock.

No way am I going to open it for you, I thought to myself, scared out of my mind.

The skeleton runs his bony hand across the glass to clean it since it was a bit fogged up. And he peered inside my car.

The cavities that once housed its eyes had an eerie depth to them.

He puts back his long finger accompanied by a sharp, grimy fingernail and touches the window. Knock-knock.

I don't know how or why I did it but - without realizing it - I lowered the glass halfway.

Good evening, gentleman, he said to me. I see your car has had an accident. Maybe I can help you, I am a mechanic.

I was so scared that I didn't even dare to breathe. My mouth felt numb and my lips began to tremble. With a great effort I was able to articulate:

Hello, I don't know what's wrong with my car, it turned off for no reason.

The skeleton cast a glance towards the engine and then looked back at me sharply and said:

Lift the hood so we can fix the fault, dear friend.

I didn't say anything back. I just did it.

The skeleton walked to stand right in front of the car and lifted the hood with both hands.

From my seat, I could see his hands holding the hood. Then, with one hand, he starts moving wires. After 2 minutes, he pulls the skull out of the left corner of my car and tells me:

-Try to start the car, please.

My trembling hand reaches for the key and turns it. The car wanted to start but it doesn't start.

The skeleton says to me: Okay. Stop for a moment.

I saw the skeleton moving from side to side. Tapping here and there. After three more minutes, it stuck its bony head out and said to me: try again.

Magic! No sooner had I turned the key and the engine started. I couldn't believe it.

The skeleton now approached the driver's side window.

Problem solved buddy, he said to me.

With my eyes wide open I said: thank you very much, Sir.

The skeleton replied: it's $5, I need to buy some candles.

I reached into my right pocket and pulled out $5 and gave it to him.

The skeleton, took the money, bowed and went on his way.

As for me, I didn't take my foot off the gas until I got to my apartment.

The end.

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