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When you need the deep liquidity of centralized exchanges (CEXs) but the stability and anonymity of decentralized exchanges (DEXs), what do you do? Hybrid Exchanges, according to some astute developers from around the world, are the solution (HEXs). HEXs takes elements from both exchanges' styles to send you a one-of-a-kind set of options that you won't find anywhere else.

Although the HEX definition is still in its infancy, some platforms are starting to appear in the market. These systems integrate non-custodial functionality with the security and reliability of centralized platforms. Many of these platforms are still in their early stages of growth. As a result, you can proceed with caution before you have gained trust in the technology and the business that stands behind it.

In 2018, Paymium launched Paymium has been running a profitable centralized exchange since 2011, unlike the competition. The developers have taken advantage of this knowledge to create a hybrid exchange that combines the privacy of a DEX with the protection of a controlled structure. is a hybrid exchange located in the European Union that is registered and compliant. Users have access to a non-custodial wallet, safe cold storage for group assets, and cryptographic evidence of reserves on the network. is planned to represent both individual and institutional investors in this way.

Many common features found on top CEXs, such as advanced market charting tools and a nice range of top-performing coins, are available on this HEX. ICOs and token listings are also supported by the network. To further your defense against failure and increase the network's overall performance, incorporates cross-chain functionalities in the form of atomic swaps.

The is another enticing HEX worth investigating. The site is based in the Netherlands and provides users with complete accountability when it comes to business details and executive staffing. You can also contact developers and executives directly via their Linkedin profiles.

NEXT has some strategic advantages when it comes to HEXs. For starters, the network includes a fiat gateway, which makes it easier for new users to get started. The network also launches a new blockchain to streamline its operations. DEX features like group governance and hybrid mining are available on the NEXT.chain.

Masternodes are also supported by the modern blockchain, which improves scalability and responsiveness. Despite the fact that the project is still in its early stages, developers have confirmed that the network will enable the development and exchanging of a variety of assets created and deployed on its native blockchain.


Eidoo is a Swiss-based HEX that uses proprietary technology to provide users with a high degree of accountability, such as using a centralized server to fit user-signed orders. Eidoo is unusual in that it uses a modern approach to accomplish its objectives. Specifically, instead of large centralized wallets like CEXs, all user funds are held in personal segregated wallets.

Furthermore, the platform executes the trading phase off-chain before finalizing the transaction's information. Eidoo is notable for being an Ethereum-based HEX. The entire ERC-20 catalog is open to users. This strategy gives users access to the most common DeFi coins at the moment.

Eidoo's special fee structure is also appealing. On the website, there are no fees for creators. Eidoo has also taken several initiatives to better secure its traders. Before being installed, all changes, for example, must be manually accepted. Third-party audits of the network's coding and funds are conducted on a regular basis. All of these factors combine to make Eidoo a promising HEX alternative.


The hybrid market JOYSO is an Asian-based website that is gaining in popularity. The site, according to business executives, was the world's first public hybrid exchange. JOYSO offers a full suite of blockchain-based products to its customers, including ICO, IEO, and STO features, as well as white label options for those looking to host their own hybrid exchange using its technology.

JOYSO is currently running two hybrid exchanges, which is a first. JOYSO, the first exchange, is an Ethereum-based network that caters to the ERC community in Asia. The second HEX, JOYSO-Tron, is devoted to the TRON ecosystem's infancy. This dual strategy allowed JOYSO to establish a strong presence in both networks before most people were even aware that hybrid exchanges existed.


PryvateX aspires to be a one-stop shop for consumers of hybrid exchanges. The network includes a variety of useful features, including an OTC desk trading feature for large investors. PryvateX users, on the other hand, get a good mix of features from both sides of the exchange aisle. The exchange does not require lengthy registrations or personal details, as the name suggests.

In addition, the network supports a wide variety of fiat currencies. You can also cash out your cryptocurrency in one of twenty-six different fiat currencies. In terms of coin range, PryvateX offers users the most common coins, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Since the HEX industry is still so young, the choices are small. However, in terms of growth and choices, these networks have taken the lead. Hybrid exchanges have certain opportunities that are not available anywhere else on the market. As a result, there's a fair chance that several more HEXs will be deployed in the coming months. For the time being, these sites are the best performers and have the most value for your cryptocurrency.

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Written by   15
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Topics: Cryptocurrency
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